What Are the Stages of Decomposition?

The definition of decomposition is a tad morbid. It's the state or process of rotting or decay. And, although we're all alive and well right now, at some point, death will be unavoidable. Although the stages of decomposition are a natural process, they do present some...

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5 Tips for Stubborn Odor Removal

When your home or office building is clean and contamination-free, you might not think too much about the way it smells. In many ways, this is a positive! Unfortunately, the opposite can also hold true. If your personal or professional space has been exposed to any...

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A Business Owner’s Guide to Crime Scene Cleanup

No business owner likes to consider the idea of a crime being committed in their store. We have nightmares about robbers breaking in in the middle of the night, holding our employees at gunpoint, stealing what we’ve worked so hard to build. But what do you do when the...

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9 Common Types of Mold Hiding in Your Home

Mold. It's a word that puts fear into the hearts of the bravest men and women, that fills the pages of horror stories, and keeps you up at night...and it could very well be hiding right beneath your walls. As a homeowner, there's no doubt that the thought of house...

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A Checklist for Dealing with a Flooded Home

A word of advice to start: If you've never had a flooded home, you should not assume you never will. When it comes to house floods, you should go into the situation with presence of mind and excellent preparation. That preparation ranges from knowing what steps to...

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Know Your Enemy: How to Identify Rodent Droppings

Are you concerned that you have rodents inside your house? Do you worry that you've seen little rodent droppings laying around the property? If so, then you need to learn more about how to identify rodent droppings. Did you know that rodent poop can be hazardous for...

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