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All about Biohazardous and Crime Scene Cleaning

Everything You Need to Know About Hoarding Cleanup Services

Compulsive hoarding is more common than many people, including researchers, ever realized. In the US, there are anywhere from 5 to 14 million people diagnosed as compulsive hoarders. That's actually double the number of people diagnosed with OCD. Why does this matter?...

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The Benefits of Selling Your House Fast

Do you want to sell your home? Under normal circumstances, trying to sell your house is going to be one of the most stressful things that you'll ever do. According to one recent survey, about 95% of people admit to being stressed out by at least one part of the home...

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A Guide to Basement Mold Removal

Mold is something no one wants to see or smell. It's unsightly, it's unhealthy, and it doesn't smell that great, either. That's why we throw away food when it begins to grow that fuzzy blue add-on (except maybe bleu cheese, of course). In a way, the same rule applies...

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Does Insurance Cover Biohazard Cleanup?

Each year, over 30,000 people die at home from accidents or poisoning. Thousands more experience the horror of having a violent crime committed on their property. Have you experienced such a tragedy in your home or business? If so, you no doubt realize the importance...

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What Is an Unattended Death?

Few events in our lives are as traumatic as the unexpected death of a loved one. It's one thing to watch it unfold in a movie or a TV show, but it's a very different experience when it happens to us personally. Did you recently endure the unattended death of a beloved...

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Who Cleans Up Crime Scenes?

Many of us are addicted to true crime. From our podcast selections—My Favorite Murder, Serial, Criminal—to our TV shows—Law and Order, Snapped, Unsolved Mysteries—true crime is everywhere we look. Why do we have this seemingly strange fascination with true crime?...

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What Is Black Mold and How to Remove It

It’s not uncommon to encounter mold in your home one way or another. You might notice it one day when you never have before, or you might find the presence of mold while renovating your house. Regardless of how you discover it, mold can lead to significant health...

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How to Sell a Distressed Property

There are nearly 1.5 million vacant homes in the United States, and many of them are in a state of distress. Selling a distressed property can be a challenge, but it isn't impossible! We have put together this simple guide to show the best well to sell a distressed...

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How to Prepare Your Property Against Storm Damage

"They" often say the only things in life we can't escape are death and taxes. But, when Mother Nature gets riled up, there's only so much we can do there, too. When storm damage appears to be imminent, try to do everything you can, and then leave the rest up to fate...

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