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The Signs of a Clandestine Drug Lab

Would you recognize a drug lab if you walked by it every day? The sad truth is that most meth labs hide in plain sight. And that is because the average person doesn't know how to recognize the tell-tale signs of what has been going on there. What are the signs of a...

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Is Hoarding a Mental Illness?

There are approximately 19 million people in the United States with a hoarding disorder. Compulsive hoarding is defined by psychiatrists as the excessive accumulation of items and refusal to discard anything. It has also been found that 50% of hoarders have a major...

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The Dangers of MRSA and Cleanup Procedures

Seeing as one in every fifty people currently carry MRSA in their nose, its ubiquity is obvious. Understanding the dangers of MRSA is very important so you can respond to it correctly. If you do not yet know how to do this, read on. This article will discuss the...

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C. Diff Contamination: Learn How to Mitigate The Risks

Do you know anything about Clostridium difficile? If not, then you should. This pathogen alone infected half a million Americans in a single year. Because of this fact, businesses should be diligent in preventing a C. Diff contamination. What is C. Diff? Clostridium...

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The Common Types of Bloodborne Pathogens, Explained

Experts estimate that around 385,000 accidental injuries occur every year due to exposed sharps and needles. This is a very high number and proves the need to be careful on the scene of crimes and accidents. But do you know quite how dangerous these incidents are?...

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An Inside Look Into the Meth Lab Cleanup Process

The prevalence of methamphetamine (meth) labs continues to plague the United States. Sadly, law enforcement only finds about 10 percent of these labs. This means that individuals may unknowingly enter or even buy meth-exposed properties. Even if the meth lab is...

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Mold?

Homeowners yearly spend on average about $1,319 per year to protect their homes with homeowners insurance. This breaks down to about 1.91% of their income spent on this insurance. They assume this will provide the important coverage they need. In fact, most homeowners...

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