What is an Unattended Death and What to Do?

An unattended death is a term you may have heard before, whether on the news or in passing and regardless of how it occurred, you may not necessarily understand what it means. What is an unattended death? Sometimes a loved one, who lives alone, will die and is not...

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How to Clean House After C. Diff Infection

When combating a biohazard situation in your home, whether caused by a human infection or plumbing accident, proper cleanup procedures are imperative to prevent the spread of infectious bacteria, disease, and viruses. One common threat that affects nearly 500,000...

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Black Water and Sewage Leaks: Why Are They Dangerous?

Black water damage as a result of sewage runoff can put a dent in your wallet but can be even more costly to your health. However, quickly addressing the issue by hiring an award-winning professional cleanup company like Spaulding Decon of Tampa can make the process...

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Meth lab cleanup cost

Meth lab cleanup costs vary greatly depending upon the State.  Spaulding Decon operates in all 50 States.  There are some states that require equipment and particular testing that others do now and this increases the cost of meth lab cleanups. Home owners should...

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Why Choose a Crime Scene Cleanup Franchise

Are you interested in starting a successful franchise, but are not sure which direction to go in? Have you considered choosing a crime scene cleanup franchise? Crime scene cleanup is one of the best recession-proof job industries to invest in.  The industry is low...

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Workplace Safety and How to Avoid a Tragic Accident

In the industrial setting, workplace accidents are always a possibility. When dealing with highly toxic chemicals, large equipment, and heavy machinery, accidents can happen. The important part of workplace safety is working to avoid a tragic accident in the first...

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How to Help my Hoarding Relative

In the United States, 1 in 50 people is affected by hoarding. How does this affect you? For many, this means an immediate family member or close relative could be affected by this disease. Hoarding is a mental condition, as with any ailment, it is important to seek...

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What to do After an Unattended Death

Dying is a part of the natural cycle of life. Discovering the death of someone who went through it alone can be frightening and is always unexpected. When you happen upon the unattended death of a loved one, the first moments of emotion can be shock, sadness,...

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Blood Cleanup in Hotels

Running a hotel is tough work. From maintenance to guest requests to the updates and safety of the hotel, there is a lot that goes into its operation. When the guest’s safety is at risk, we at Spaulding Decon understand that you want what is best for your patrons,...

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