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All about Biohazardous and Crime Scene Cleaning

What Is a Biohazard Mess and When Do You Need Professionals?

Since it's so deadly to humans, biohazardous waste disposal can't be treated with carelessness. If a mess isn't cleaned up thoroughly, it could end up in disaster. This is why most biohazardous materials should involve the expertise of a professional team. Are you...

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How Effective Are Disinfectants Against New COVID Variants?

Did you know that there have been almost 40 million COVID-19 cases in America since the pandemic started? Out of those positive testings, almost 650,00 people have died in our country alone. If we don't take the proper measures to prevent the spread of the virus, then...

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Blood Cleanup: Can My Employer Make Me Clean That?

According to estimates, approximately 3 million exposures to bloodborne pathogens happen every year. Is your employer asking you to carry out blood cleanup? The above fact alone hints at how dangerous this can be. The question is, can an employer make you clean up...

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Crime Scene Cleaning Training – What It’s All About

If you have no desire to sit at a desk and prefer the spontaneity of a constantly changing job, then crime scene cleaning may be for you. Every crime scene is unique, and you will experience everything from homicides, industrial accidents, decomposing bodies,...

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Guide to Water Damage Restoration

Have you experienced a water damage event? Unfortunately, a flood can happen at any time, which is why having a flood cleanup plan is a must. Part of the flood cleanup plan is provided by water damage restoration. Water damage restoration is a process in which water...

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Types of PPE: Why Crime Scene Cleaners Need Hazmat Suits

When the average person hears the word biohazard they picture workers in hazmat suits and hazard tape. The majority of people do not fully understand what biohazards are and the requirements to perform a cleanup. The word biohazard is a combination of the words...

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The Dangers of Tear Gas and How to Cleaned It Up?

While tear gas is often used to halt riots and other protests, it isn't nearly as safe as many people believe it to be. In fact, over 1,300 medical and public health professionals have petitioned to stop police from using respiratory irritants that make people prone...

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The Signs of a Clandestine Drug Lab

Would you recognize a drug lab if you walked by it every day? The sad truth is that most meth labs hide in plain sight. And that is because the average person doesn't know how to recognize the tell-tale signs of what has been going on there. What are the signs of a...

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Is Hoarding a Mental Illness?

There are approximately 19 million people in the United States with a hoarding disorder. Compulsive hoarding is defined by psychiatrists as the excessive accumulation of items and refusal to discard anything. It has also been found that 50% of hoarders have a major...

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