Professional Water Damage Cleanup & Restoration

Spaulding Decon’s award winning technicians are experts in water damage cleanup and restoration. We can remove every trace of water damage fast and affordably to get you out of the dangerous predicament you are in. 

You Should Never Leave Water Damage Untreated

According to a 2020 Bluebot report, water damage costs over $13 billion a year for damage and removal, and each day there are over 14,000 water damage emergencies in the U.S. This is no joke. Water damage that goes untreated can be dangerous not only to your home but to your health. Even a small leak can do a lot of damage to your property and present a serious health risk to residents when left untreated. 


Why Water Damage Cleanup Should Be Left to Professionals 

Attempting to clean up water damage on your own can be risky since you put yourself at risk of coming in contact with dangerous contaminants ––and you may not remove all the damaged and dangerous materials. In many water damage cases, the safest alternative is to call in an expert to clean up the water mess. We follow a thorough and safe process to remove the excess water and affected items, then eliminate contaminants left behind.

If you have a water issue that incurred water damage to your home or property, act fast and contact us immediately to remedy the situation and eliminate the damage before it gets worse. While you wait, dangerous mold and bacteria are multiplying because of the contaminated water. In fact, when water rests on a surface and is exposed to air, within 24 to 48 hours tiny microscopic elements, including mold, grow and will become visible 1 to 2 weeks later. Your house will have musty odors that arise shortly after water exposure. Carpets become a good breeding ground for fungi and bacteria.



Consequences and Risks of Water Damage Left Untreated

It’s not only the mold, mildew, and growth of dangerous bacteria you have to worry about, but there are other threats to your home or property that can arise from untreated water damage.


The Weakening of Structure

Wood structures supporting floors and walls become soft and will eventually weaken. This could cause the walls to come crashing down. Drywall can warp, develop mold, and become brittle, which may require removal and replacement. Even brick and concrete can erode from water and compromise the structure if not sealed properly.


Ruined Flooring

Flooring also poses a threat not only because it will soak up the water and become prone to mold but because water will cause it to degrade, and once that happens, the water can get through to other surfaces below the flooring and wreak havoc on them as well.


Corroded Pipes

Floodwater can contain harsh elements that can cause piping to corrode and break down. The issue here is: these pipes may contain your tap water.


Damaged Electrical System

If water reaches electrical boxes, wiring, or outlets, it can bring the entire electrical system down or compromise it. In any case, water should never come in contact with electricity as this is very unsafe.


How It Works


Step 1: Contact Us

Soon as you reach out to us, we will respond rapidly and can usually be at your property within 2 hours to start the cleanup process.


Step 2: We Dry Things Out

Extracting the water and drying things out is an important first step in the cleanup process as it prevents further water damage from occurring. 


Step 3: Cleanup and Repairs

We clean up and help get things repaired so your home is restored back to life and your organization is back in business.


Step 4: We Handle the Claims For You

No need to worry about the claims process since we bill your insurance company and will handle things for you. We are committed to doing everything we can to make your life easier while we get all the messed cleaned up. 



Why Choose Us For Your Cleanup Needs?

Since 2005, Spaulding Decon has been helping both homeowners and businesses restore and recover their properties suffering from water damage and more. We are certified, licensed, and insured, and therefore, can lawfully perform the services we offer. Our services include biohazard remediation, hoarding cleanup, mold removal, viral disinfection, drug lab cleanup, fentanyl cleanup, death cleanup, suicide cleanup, rodent dropping cleanup, water damage, and more.

Our cleaning team is fast and friendly. They undergo extensive training to ensure they have the knowledge to complete any required cleaning task, and we are equipped to handle any pathogens or hazardous materials safely, according to OSHA guidelines. You can rest assured that we are experienced, trustworthy, and capable of getting things cleaned up and back in order.



The cost of our services depends on many factors, such as the type of job required, the manpower, chemicals, and supplies needed, and more. While we can probably give you a rough figure over the phone, we can give you an exact estimate once we know all the details of the project. After we give you a quote, we will wait for your approval before moving forward. And you never have to worry about hidden fees as we are completely transparent and state our pricing in advance.

In most cases involving water damage, your homeowners’ insurance or business insurance plans will cover the costs. If so, we will contact your insurance company and work with them to get everything back in order.


Get Water Damage Cleanup From A Trusted Source

At Spaulding Decon, we use state-of-the-art tools and proprietary cleaning products to restore homes and businesses. For over a decade, we have been providing superior cleanup services to many individuals and organizations, making us a trusted source for all your cleanup needs. 


Since 2005 we have been helping homeowners and property owners recover and restore after suffering water damage.

It’s easy to get started.

Call our trusted team today.


Call Us

Don’t wait, time is of the essence in these situations. Call Spaulding Decon today to get the process started.


We Dry You Out

We extract the water/flood to protect your home and personal property. We work with your insurance throughout the process.


Get Back to What Matters

With the water damage cleaned and all necessary repairs performed, your home is ready for life, or your property is ready for business!

National Accounts Program

24/7 Quick Response - Affordable Services - Safety Is Our First Concern

Our national accounts program provides comprehensive and affordable services, guiding you through the process with discretion and professionalism. Spaulding Decon is standing by 24/7 to offer a prompt response in emergency situations to ensure the safety of your team members and clients.


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