Tear Gas Removal from an enclosed space is a daunting but necessary task. Aside from the intended effect of causing eyes to tear up, this substance can cause violent bodily reactions and needs to be completely cleared out before the area can be considered safe. That’s why you could call in tear gas cleanup experts like Spaulding Decon. When you call in a company that knows how to properly clean out all traces of tear gas, you won’t have to worry about damaging after effects.

While tear gas may be necessary for police and other law enforcement personnel to use, it can leave behind a very harmful residue that can pose a serious health hazard. Just some of the issues that tear gas residue can cause include eye and skin irritation, allergic reactions, rashes, and upper respiratory problems. The best way to avoid unintended exposure is for a professional tear gas cleanup crew to remove all traces of the harmful chemicals.

When Spaulding Decon is called in for a tear gas cleanup job, we:

● Send out a team of highly trained technicians to the affected property
● Use our proprietary cleaning products, which are designed to completely eradicate all traces of tear gas

● Test the area extensively to ensure that we don’t leave any traces of tear gas when we finish
● Remove any property that may have been damaged by the harmful substances
● Help property owners file insurance claims to help cover the damage and our cleaning services

If you would like more information about our tear gas cleanup services, call Spaulding Decon at 866-993-3266. We will connect you with a member of our team who can provide you with all of the details of the services we offer, as well as a no-obligation quote for our work.

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