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Teargas is a toxic and sticky substance that leaves dangerous residue on everything if not thoroughly removed. However, you should not worry, we have you covered.

Professional Tear Gas Cleanup

Spaulding Decon offers professional remediation and removal of tear gas, also known as OC spray. Tear gas is sometimes used in businesses or homes by law enforcement officers to disperse crowds or subdue a violent individual. In addition to tear gas cleanup, Spaulding Decon also cleans up after luminol spray, pepper spray, and similar toxic substances.

We also offer biohazard remediation, hoarding cleanup, mold removal, viral disinfection, drug lab cleanup, fentanyl cleanup, death cleanup, suicide cleanup, rodent dropping cleanup, and water damage containment.


Is Tear Gas Dangerous?

Tear gas is not very fatal. But the health risks it poses are numerous. It contains toxic substances that leave behind a hazardous residue that covers everything near and exposed to it. If the area is not immediately decontaminated, it causes skin irritation and in some instances serious ailments such as motor control loss, respiratory problems, and liver and heart damage.

Spaulding Decon crew use the state-of-art and latest technology to thoroughly clean commercial and personal tear gas contaminated areas. Tear gas residue can take months to clear from a contaminated area.


Symptoms of Tear Gas Exposure

Tear gas contains several chemical compounds. All of them cause mucous membrane irritation causing coughing, tearing, rashes, pain, sneezing, and in some cases temporary blindness. If you are exposed to tear gas for an extended period of time, symptoms can recur and worsen.

This is especially damaging to individuals with respiratory problems and COPD. For this reason, you should not enter a building contaminated with tear gas until professionally trained and experienced tear gas cleanup experts safely cleans and remediates the facility.


How Does The Tear Gas Cleanup Process Work?

Tear gas is not that easy to clean as you may think. The tear gas particles are like fine talcum powder. Because of the intended purpose, it gets everywhere and blankets everything in near proximity. To clear and clean up tear gas contamination, our highly trained cleanup crew thoroughly and carefully washes all contaminated areas.

We use duct tape and plastic sheeting to seal off the areas already cleaned to prevent further contamination. It may take several passes to completely remove the residue, especially if there are porous or rough surfaces such as paneling and exposed brick walls.

Our crew uses propriety cleaning agents and personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure the highest standard of the service while strictly adhering to EPA, OSHA, and State Health Department procedures and guidelines.

Get things physically reordered and restored by trusting Spaulding Decon.

Tear Gas Pellets

Besides cleaning tear gas residue, we equally assess the damage caused by tear gas missiles or pellets. Law enforcement officers sometimes fire hundreds of rounds of tear gas canisters into a facility to subdue an unruly individual or gain control of a violent situation. As a result, these pellets may penetrate the wallboard.

In such a situation, tear gas may find its way inside HVAC systems and inside walls. Complete and thorough remediation is necessary to remove residue and pellets from the furniture, walls, and floor that have been subsequently damaged by tear gas canisters.

If tear gas has penetrated your building’s air conditioning or heating ducts, we may be accompanied by a professional HVAC service provider to help in cleaning out and restoring your systems. Our rigorous tear gas cleanup techniques ensure that the facility will be safe to be inhabited again.


Our Process For Responding and Cleaning Tear Gas Contaminated Facilities

Step 1: Contact Us to Get Started

Contact our team via phone and one of our representatives will talk with you over the phone. We will gather the necessary information and details from you such as your location, the nature of the incidence, and any other relevant information.


Step 2: Get a Free Tear Gas Cleanup Quote

Our representative will give you a free and reasonable cleanup quote depending on the information that you will provide us with. You can rest assured our prices are market competitive and you will be satisfied with our services.


Step 3: Dispatching Our Cleanup Crew

After agreeing on the costs, we immediately dispatch our cleanup crew to your location or facility. We make sure we use the shortest time possible to arrive and start the cleanup process immediately. We make sure the entire facility is thoroughly cleaned and inspected thrice to leave you satisfied and safe.


Why Choose Spaulding Decon

Spaulding Decon is the premier tear gas cleanup service provider. For over 15 years, we have provided professional cleanup services to more than 30,000 families, businesses, and communities after tear gas contamination events. We believe that our clients deserve the highest standard of service to help them overcome tear gas contamination effects.

With several regional offices and more than 100 mobile units located across the country, Spaulding Decon is the country’s top tear gas remediation service provider. At the heart of our company is our crew of more than 200 handpicked and experienced experts who clean tear gas contaminated facilities professionally.

These dedicated individuals help to ease the burden of cleanup from those who have been affected after tear gas exposure incidence. We are committed to providing emergency rapid response 24/7/365. Therefore, we will be there wherever and whenever you need our services.


How Much Will It Cost To Clean Tear Gas From Your Facility?

The cost of cleaning tear gas will depend on several factors including:
• The severity of damage
• Location
• The size of the facility

Please contact us at (833) 804-6600 today for a free estimate on your facility tear gas cleanup.


Get a Free Tear Gas Cleanup Quote

We’re your one-stop tear gas contamination cleanup service. Contact us now to get your free quote today.


National Accounts Program

24/7 Quick Response - Affordable Services - Safety Is Our First Concern

Our national accounts program provides comprehensive and affordable services, guiding you through the process with discretion and professionalism. Spaulding Decon is standing by 24/7 to offer a prompt response in emergency situations to ensure the safety of your team members and clients.

Contact National Accounts

We can assist with many of life’s toughest cleaning and restoration emergencies, including:


We can assist with many of life’s toughest cleaning and restoration emergencies, including:

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We Clean Up Life's Accidents

Our compassionate crew members across the Nation have a plan to get you back to what matters. Give us a call 24/7 for help with emergency cleaning and property restoration: (833) 804-6600 or Find Your Location

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