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5 Stages of Hoarding Explained

Hoarding is a serious condition that involves the obsessive collection of personal items or trash because there is a perceived need to keep them. Emotional, physical, financial and legal consequences can result from this irrational compulsion to save and store things of no real value. These consequences not only affect the hoarder but have rippling consequences for all the people in the hoarder’s life…


How to Clean up After a Mouse Infestation

It’s not always easy to determine whether you have a potential problem with rodents. Sometimes, they stay low and live far from sight until there’s so many of them that they have to come out to get some food. At that moment, it’s often too late to think about whether it’s an infestation or not, because it usually is. Mice are timid animals, meaning they won’t wander around your home for no reason…


How to Clean a Meth House: Step by Step Guide

If you tested your property for meth residue and the preliminary results came back positive, you should evacuate the premises in order to preserve your health and think about forming a plan on how to clean drug residue before returning to your home. There are several adverse health effects of living in a house that was previously used as a meth lab. Methamphetamine contains a variety of toxic chemicals that can cause nausea, vomiting, chemical burns, skin rashes, depression, and anxiety…

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