The Best Mold Remediation Team in the United States

Spaulding Decon is one of the top mold remediation companies in the US. When you need help with mold removal, you can count on the team at Spaulding Decon to head out and take care of your problems. Don’t let a health threat fester on your property. We will work with your insurance to get things back to the way they were.

We’re Your Expert Black Mold Removal Team

It isn’t right for homeowners to be scared of their own property due to mold. Spaulding Decon believes you should always feel safe at home. Our crews are trained and background-checked and are highly experienced in safe and effective mold remediation. We will work with your insurance, and the job isn’t over until your home or property is ready for life.

Rather than Googling “mold remediation near me”, turn to the expert team at Spaulding Decon. We do our best to keep your mold remediation cost to a minimum while still providing you with the mold removal assistance you need. With us, you know you’re keeping your house safe and clean for your friends and family.

When working with Spaulding Decon you are able to utilize not only our experience in identifying moisture problems that might lead to mold but also guide you through the step-by-step process to get rid of your mold problem. First, we survey the mold, identify any special requirements to get rid of the mold, then we get to work getting rid of the mold, and finally, there is a drying process to make sure any mold spores will not take hold.

Mold Removal Assistance for the Entire Country

Spaulding Decon is a nationally recognized mold removal team that helps customers all around the country get their homes and businesses cleaned up and mold-free. Call us now and get started with a team that’s been performing mold remediation services since 2005! We’ll make sure that your property is mold-free no matter where in the country you’re located.

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      Comprehensive Mold Remediation Services

      There’s a lot more to mold remediation than simple removal, and that’s why we offer a wide range of services. Get started with expert mold assistance, including:



      We assess the situation and make a frank appraisal.



      Spaulding Decon removes the mold build-up, and an independent tester verifies the area is safe.



      Damaged or compromised areas are restored to the way they should be.

      If you have a dangerous mold build-up or suspect you might, don’t wait and let it get worse. From the first inspection to the final touches, we will perform complete remediation services. We also assist with any needed repairs and restoration. Eliminate a potential health threat and make your property safe for your family or business.

      National Accounts Program

      24/7 Quick Response - Affordable Services - Safety Is Our First Concern

      Our national accounts program provides comprehensive and affordable services, guiding you through the process with discretion and professionalism. Spaulding Decon is standing by 24/7 to offer a prompt response in emergency situations to ensure the safety of your team members and clients.


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      Our plan is simple.

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      If you have a dangerous mold build-up, or suspect you might, don’t wait and let it get worse. Call today!


      We Clean Up

      From first inspection to final touches, we will perform complete remediation services. We also assist with any needed repairs and restoration.


      Get Back to Living

      You’ve eliminated a potential health threat and made your property safe for your family or business.

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      We Clean Up Life's Accidents

      Our compassionate crew members across the Nation have a plan to get you back to what matters. Give us a call 24/7 for help with emergency cleaning and property restoration: (833) 804-6600 or Find Your Location

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