At Spaulding Decon Austin, we talk a lot about biohazards and biohazard cleanup. There’s actually quite a long list of what is considered biohazardous, and if you ever come into contact with a biohazard at your property it’s important to approach cleanup with caution. Below, our cleanup experts will explore a few of the most common biohazards and the risks associated with them.

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Blood is most likely one of the most common biohazards you will run across. In fact, you’ve probably noticed the red biohazard containers at your doctor’s office. We approach blood cleanup with so much caution because dangerous diseases and bacteria are easily spread through blood contact. Some instances where there might be blood present are workplace injuries, deaths, crime scenes, and illegal drug use. Needles, blood-stained flooring material, and other property contaminated with blood will require special cleaning and disposal.

Animal Waste

You might be surprised to learn that animal waste is actually considered biohazardous. While rodents seem small and harmless, their droppings pose a threat to human health. Rodent feces and urine potentially carry a dangerous virus called Hantavirus, which can lead to the disease Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in humans. If you catch this virus you’ll experience flu-like symptoms that can lead to hospitalization and potentially fatal consequences. This virus is all too easily made airborne by stirring up rodent droppings during the cleanup, making it even more dangerous.

Biological Material

If someone is severely injured or passes away on your property biological material can be left behind. As soon as the decomposition process happens for biological material, harmful bacteria is released. This bacteria is dangerous to the health for any living people who attempt the cleanup.

How Do You Cleanup Biohazards?

No matter what biohazard you are dealing with, they require special caution when it comes to cleaning up. Our team is professionally trained with the highest quality cleaning methods and tools. We make sure that once we leave your property it is entirely restored and returned to a clean, safe, and healthy living condition. If you need help with biohazard cleaning, reach out to Spaulding Decon Austin and give us a call at (512) 643-1771. We are here to help.

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