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Will my neighbors and friends know why you are at my house?

No, our services are confidential. To ensure your privacy, our staff responds in unmarked vehicles. Your neighbors will think we are simply remodeling your home.

How much do your services cost?

You will always receive an estimate in advance for your approval. Our services vary depending on the type of job, man power necessary, supplies and chemicals used and several other factors. We can give you a ball park over the phone.

Can I just have a regular cleaning or janitorial service cleanup blood or pathological waste?

Not unless your regular cleaning service has been properly trained to handle blood and equipped with the proper personal protective equipment to handle biohazards waste. Also you would need a legally accepted mechanism in place to depose of the recovered biohazard waste.

Who pays for the services?

Most home owners, business and auto insurance companies cover the cost of biohazard cleanup, and mold remediation. We have been successful in some circumstances getting meth and hoarding covered as well. If the victim of a crime has no insurance the State victims compensation fund may pay for some or all of the cleanup services. (crime related) There are no “free” entities that will cleanup any of these scenes. You can contact our office for a free quote.

Can I have an employee of my business clean a biohazard scene?

Federal regulation states that no employee can be placed in a position to be exposed to blood spills without first:

  • Receiving bloodline pathogen training
  • Having written BBP exposure control plan
  • Having been provided personal protective equipment
  • Having been offered the Hepatitis B vaccine and exposure evaluation and followup
  • Being provided with a method to remove and properly store the bio-hazardous waste in a properly marked container for disposal.
How do I know if my home is contaminated with Methamphetamine?

We can provide legally defensible testing on your property. The testing is comprehensive and includes all living spaces, attics, sheds, garages, appliances, and heating and cooling units. The samples are sent off to a federally certified laboratory where they are analyzed.

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