The Four Commandments of Blood Cleanup

The sight of blood can make even the strongest person squeamish. If you encounter a blood spill, there is more to be concerned about than steeling yourself to tackle the mess. Blood is a biohazard and needs to be handled with caution and decontaminated properly. Here...

Help With the Aftermath of Suicide in Philadelphia

The suicide of a family member or loved one often comes as a surprise. On top of grief, those left behind might experience shock and confusion. Anger and shame can also follow.   In the grip of these negative emotions, practical matters can be too much to handle. This...

Removing Decomposition Odor in Philadelphia

Unsafe and unsanitary conditions take hold when an unattended death occurs in a home. Blood and bodily fluids seep and spread, and these carry the threat of disease. Drawn to the process of decay, pests and animals often infest the area.   Finally, the...

Why Paper Hoarding is a Unique Danger

  Take a single sheet of paper. It’s light as air and totally harmless. The biggest risk you’re facing here is a paper cut, right? Now imagine a huge stack of that paper towering up towards the ceiling—not so harmless anymore! Hoarding is all about accumulation,...

The Risks of Tear Gas Exposure, and How to Ensure Your Safety

How Is Tear Gas Used? Tear gas is an aerosol spray compound with similar ingredients to pepper spray. If a suspect who has displayed violent or erratic behavior is hiding in a home or an office, police will often break a window, throwing an open canister of the...

Hidden Dangers of Rodent Droppings

Have you ever discovered rodent droppings in your Philadelphia home or business? Such a discovery is not only gross, it can also pose a health risk. There are hidden dangers associated with the unpleasant surprise of rat or mouse poop on your property, so before you...

Who Cleans After a Death?

After an unattended death occurs, you may be wondering what the next steps are after law enforcement has left the scene. While it can be emotionally painful for someone who is dealing with the logistics of the incident, it is best if the area is decontaminated right...

What You Need to Know About Meth Lab Cleanup

What is Meth? Meth, which is short for methamphetamine, is an illegal manmade drug. Meth is a powerful stimulant that is often sold in the form of white powder. The drug is also found in rock-like “crystals,” or, very rarely, white pills. Many people are familiar with...

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