Biohazard and Crime Scene Cleanup Service in Philadelphia, PA

If you are dealing with the result of an accident, death, drug lab, or hoarding, Spaulding Decon of Philadelphia is here to restore your property. 

We quickly get things back to the way they were.

We work with your insurance, and serve you throughout the process of restoring your property.

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Restore your property to like-new condition


We work with your insurance


Helping you get back to what’s important


What We Cover


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Spaulding Decon is more than qualified in disinfection and decontamination services. Over 15 years of experience handling decontamination and disinfection of properties small and large, disinfecting the area completely of a wide variety of nasty bacteria and viruses that you do not want to be exposed to.

When faced with biohazard contamination, it is crucial to call in professionals to properly handle the situation. Spaulding Decon is the best in the industry when it comes to removing, disinfecting, and restoring an affected area.
Our team is armed with expertise, experience, proprietary cleaning chemicals, and specialized equipment to handle any bloodborne pathogen cleanup or other biohazard cleanups. Bioremediation is what we do best, so click here to learn more.

Cleaning up a home that has a hoarding mess is a unique situation that requires a different approach compared to other biohazard cleanups. Because hoarding is often associated with a mental condition, hoarders need time to agree with getting help.

Spaulding Decon understands that the cleanup process requires compassion and customized approach, which is why we offer customized cleanup plans in conjunction with suggested therapy resources. We want to help restore the home to its original condition, but also help the individual(s) maintain a healthy mental state about the new cleanliness.

When an accident occurs that leaves a biohazard mess in your home, you may no longer want to live there and you may question what your options are. A unique service that we offer to our customers is purchasing their homes, even former drug labs, crime scenes, or water damaged homes.

No matter the state of your home, we will pay cash. You don’t have to worry about the headache of the traditional real estate transaction and we even help you move your belongings.

While you may not think that a mold infestation is a serious problem or if you’re unsure of what to do, call Spaulding Decon today and let mold remediation experts take care of your problem. Moisture and darkness are two key components that create a great environment for mold to grown and spread in your home, office, warehouse, etc.

Avoid letting your problem and the health risks related to mold get completely out of hand by handling the problem quickly. To learn more about our mold removal cost in Philadelphia and the cleanup process, click here.

Severe weather can strike without warning and along with — it heavy rains and flooding. Aside from Mother Nature, plumbing and other factors can cause water damage in your Philadelphia home or office. Water can cause serious problems including mold growth and damage to your belongings.

Spaulding Decon provides exceptionally quick response times for all your water damage restoration in Philadelphia. Our team acts fast to minimize the damage and even helps handle your insurance company claims by providing detailed documentation of the entire cleanup.

Biohazard Remediation Services

Different than the traditional home or business cleaning services, our biohazard remediation involves specific processes, and our Philadelphia team of licensed and trained professionals have the experience necessary to handle any biohazard cleanup that you may encounter.

Our proprietary cleaning products have been specially formulated to ensure that your property is as clean as possible, regardless if it is mold removal or a crime scene cleanup situation. From preliminary testing before to documentation for potential prosecution and/or insurance claims, Spaulding Decon of Philadelphia truly handles every step of the biohazard remediation process.

Returning your property to its original state is our specialty, and our teams are happy to help you in your stressful times.

24/7 Cleanup Certified Professionals

At Spaulding Decon, we’re ready around the clock to help handle any situation that needs crime scene cleanup or different kind of remediation in and around Philadelphia. Whether your home was the site of a crime or there is an unexpected discovery of black mold in your bathroom over the weekend, our team of fully-licensed professionals is ready to take care of your situation 24/7.

When it comes to cleaning up damaging and/or hazardous incidents, trust that the expertise and experience of Spaulding Decon will get the job done right. No matter when a situation occurs, give our team of professionals a call because we are ready 24/7 to assess, clean, and restore your home or property back to normal.

Suicide Cleanup in Philadelphia, PA

Suicides are tremendously traumatic events that loved ones never hope to experience. Aside from the emotional distress that is experienced by the loved ones, the situation can be very difficult to process. There are several aspects that need to be addressed and handled by the loved ones, but the suicide cleanup is not one of them. When the cleanup is necessary, it is crucial that you have professionals take care of it. 

At Spaulding Decon of Philadelphia, we are committed to providing safe and thorough cleanup for your home to help you and your family move on from the tragic event. Our teams of understanding professionals realize the gravity of the situations that they handle. Fully licensed and experts in biohazard remediation, our teams adhere to the strict regulations of biohazard cleanups. When it comes to suicide cleanup, our teams remove any trace amounts of biohazard substances, disinfect and deodorize the scene. Let Spaulding Decon handle the cleanup, while you and your family focus on what is important. 

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Dealing with the result of an accident, a death, a drug lab, or hoarding is a turbulent ordeal.

It can be confusing and potentially fraught with emotion. We understand.

Cleaning up after these situations is never easy. That’s why you need the trained, licensed, background-checked professionals at Spaulding Decon of Philadelphia.

We know what you’re going through, which is why we act with care, compassion, and discretion in your time of need.


Get things physically reordered and restored by trusting Spaulding Decon of Philadelphia.


We have a plan to get you back to the things that matter.

Call our trusted team today.


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Within two hours we will be on the scene and ready to get things back the way they were. We are proud to serve Philadelphia, Southeastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, and Delaware. 


We Clean Up

Our thoroughly trained and licensed technicians will cover the entire process, from cleanup to helping with the replacement of flooring and drywall.


Get Back to What's Important

There’s nothing easy about these situations, but cleanup is one area you can control, allowing you to focus on more important things in your life.

We buy hoarding houses for cash!

Cleaning and restoring a house that has been used for hoarding is cumbersome, emotional, and could be too expensive. We understand. We will:


Make you a cash offer within 48 hours


Buy any house, condo, townhome, or mobile home, regardless of condition


Remove the items you wish to keep and even move them to your new home


Pay all closing costs associated


Remove the burden of the house from your life, and get you cash for a fresh new start!

If the only reasonable option seems to be selling off the property, talk to Spaulding Decon of Philadelphia today.

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