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Verified Reviews Of Our Biohazardous Cleaning Services

For many of our customers, we see them at the most vulnerable and challenging times of their lives. We take our responsibility to serve them seriously, and we approach each job with compassion and professionalism. Spaulding Decon Charlotte is proud of the work that we have done for our clients, and we believe that hearing about their experiences with us is our best marketing tool.

  • We hired this company to do mold removal. Their price was very reasonable, they were on time and did... read more

    Elena Smith Avatar
    Elena Smith

    My experience with Spaulding Decon was great. They were on time, caring, fast, organized, and most professional. I can highly recommend.

    Bob Yearwood Avatar
    Bob Yearwood

    We had our restaurant treated by Spaulding Decon and it was a seamless process from start to finish. They were... read more

    Julia Tinajero Avatar
    Julia Tinajero
  • I was very pleased with the work and quality that Spaulding Decon performed at a project at my house. I'd... read more

    Andy Dixon Avatar
    Andy Dixon

    Had a mold problem in our downstairs bathroom. Reached out to Spaulding Decon and they came out immediately to do... read more

    Collin Allison Avatar
    Collin Allison

    They were very quick to respond and a pleasure to work with.

    Sharon Koch Avatar
    Sharon Koch
  • I give Spaulding 5 stars for the experience we had . I had a water leak that created a wet... read more

    Bee P Avatar
    Bee P

    In response to the "review" (from a person who has never used the company's services, nor dealt with them in... read more

    Amy Barnes Avatar
    Amy Barnes

    The team at Spaulding Decon was very professional, as well as, very compassionate and understanding of my personal situation. They... read more

    Dianna Whitten Avatar
    Dianna Whitten
  • Spaulding Decon responed to our urgent request for their services. We were pleased with the quick response and next... read more

    Diane Monroe Avatar
    Diane Monroe

    Gary and crew did a great job with a rodent problem in our basement. They even very willing returned after... read more

    Erin Vandre Avatar
    Erin Vandre

    Spaulding Decon has a great team. Very fast service and awesome work!

    J W Avatar
    J W
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