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Spaulding Decon will be your expert mold remediation service. Don’t let a health threat fester in your property. We will work with your insurance to get things back to the way they were.



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It isn’t right for homeowners to be scared of their own property due to mold.

Spaulding Decon believes you should always feel safe at home.

Our crews are trained and background-checked, and are highly experienced in safe and effective mold remediation.

We will work with your insurance, and the job isn’t over until your home or property is ready for life.


Performing mold remediation services since 2005!



We assess the situation and make a frank appraisal.



Spaulding Decon removes the mold build-up, and an independent tester verifies the area is safe.



Damaged or compromised areas are restored to the way they should be.

Our plan is simple.

Call our trusted team today.


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If you have a dangerous mold build-up, or suspect you might, don’t wait and let it get worse. Call today!


We Clean Up

From first inspection to final touches, we will perform complete remediation services. We also assist with any needed repairs and restoration.


Get Back to Living

You’ve eliminated a potential health threat and made your property safe for your family or business.

We Clean Up Life's Accidents

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We Clean Up Life's Accidents

We have a plan to get you back to the things that matter.
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