mold growth on woodDo you suspect that there is mold in your Tampa home? Yikes! Before you panic, check to see if your space is showing these five signs of mold growth.

Mold Smell

If you’re sniffing something strange and musty, mold could be the culprit. Following your nose can help you locate a mold issue, even if there are no visible indicators in your home.

When the smell is strong enough to be bothersome, your mold issue is likely more than a pile of damp pool towels hiding in a guest bathroom. With Florida’s humid climate, mold in a Tampa home can be widespread and hidden in the very structure of the house.

Visible Mold

Of course, not all mold hides from your sight. In some cases, the iceberg theory applies: a small amount of visible mold indicates a more extensive issue lurking beneath the surface.

Visible mold tends to be dark in color, but it can also be white, green, brown, or even orange. Sometimes, mold is a furry growth, but it can also show up as dark staining or flecks of discoloration. Look for these signs of mold in areas of the home that are moisture-prone.

Health Symptoms

Your health can be a telling sign that there is mold in your home. Sneezing, dizziness, and even memory loss are all possible signs of mold allergy. Other signs include runny nose and watery eyes. Of course, these symptoms are generic, and often look like the signs of a cold or of seasonal allergies.

One way to tell if your symptoms are mold related is to track where your symptoms occur. If they are worse when you are inside the home, than mold could be the culprit.

In serious cases, mold in the home can be toxic and cause severe health problems for inhabitants. Play it safe by bringing in a mold remediation company to test for mold.

Condensation in the Home

If you can see condensation on windows or on pipes, you should stay on the alert for signs of mold. To prevent mold issues down the line, seek ventilation solutions for damp rooms. Sometimes, it’s as simple as cracking a window or turning on a fan. You can also consider purchasing dehumidifiers for your home.

Water Damage

Past trouble with flooding or water damage puts your home at risk for future mold. Even once the standing water drains and the area dries out, keep checking back for signs of mold growth.

Remember, dampness can linger underneath flooring and behind walls, causing hidden mold growth. Signs to look for include discoloration, bulging, cracking, and bubbling. These signs might show up on your walls, around baseboards, or with certain types of flooring.

Get Professional Mold Removal

The team at Spaulding Decon Tampa is standing by to rid your home of mold. We serve Tampa, Lakeland, St. Petersburg, and Orlando. Please call Spaulding Decon Tampa today for expert mold remediation: (813) 298-7122

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