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Time is of the essence when dealing with water damage to your home or property. Don’t wait, call Spaulding Decon now! We will work with your insurance to get things back to the way they were.



Water damage to your home or property is unsettling and frustrating.

It can also become dangerous as time goes by, leading to mold infestations. Call Spaulding Decon today to get things restored as quickly as possible.


Fast Response

We’ll be there within just 2 hours


We dry you out

Stopping any mold and h20 damage


Efficient claims

We will bill your insurance company

Since 2005 we have been helping homeowners and property owners recover and restore after suffering water damage.

It’s easy to get started.

Call our trusted team today.



Call Us

Don’t wait, time is of the essence in these situations. Call Spaulding Decon today to get the process started.


We Dry You Out

We extract the water/flood to protect your home and personal property. We work with your insurance throughout the process.


Get Back to What Matters

With the water damage cleaned and all necessary repairs performed, your home is ready for life, or your property is ready for business!

Contact us to get started


24/7 Service & 2-Hour Guaranteed Response Time


Professional Cleaners Disinfect & Decontaminate


Cleaning Plan & Execution at Your Pace


Local Business Serving the Greater Kissimmee Community


Discreet, Unmarked Crew


Additional Support Services Available

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We Clean Up Life's Accidents

We have a plan to get you back to the things that matter.
Call Spaulding Decon of Kissimmee, FL: (407) 974-6048

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