Tear Gas Removal from an enclosed space is a daunting but necessary task. Teargas can cause violent bodily reactions and needs to be professionally cleared out to ensure people’s safety. Spaulding Decon Kissimmee are experts in cleaning up and eliminating the effects of tear gas. 

Our expert technicians are also trained and experienced in all sort of odor elimination, from stale tobacco smells to body decomposition we have the tools to eliminate any smell. 


Our Steps to Tear Gas Cleanup Includes:

  • Send our highly trained team to your property
  • Use proprietary methods to eradicate the tear gas.
  • Test the area to ensure no residue is missed
  • Remove any property damaged by the tear gas
  • Help you file insurance claims to cover the damages

While tear gas may be necessary for police and other law enforcement personnel to use, it can leave behind a very harmful residue that can pose a serious health hazard. Just some of the issues that tear gas residue can cause include eye and skin irritation, allergic reactions, rashes, and upper respiratory problems. The best way to avoid unintended exposure is for a professional tear gas cleanup crew to remove all traces of the harmful chemicals.

Our Odor Removal Service Provides:

  • Trained and experienced professionals
  • Cost covered by homeowners insurance
  • Propriety chemicals and cleaning systems

Strong odors can cause physical irritation, lower property values, and negatively impact your quality of life. Our veteran technicians will identify what causes the odor and then they will eliminate those offensive odors. We can handle bad smells from both the outside and inside of a structure. If you are negative odors are impacting your property call Spaulding Decon Kansas City today. 

If you are in need of tear gas or odor removal Spaulding Decon Kansas City is here for you. 

We have a plan to get you through this time.

Call our trusted team today.



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Within two hours we will be on the scene and ready to get things back the way they were.


We Clean Up

Our thoroughly trained and licensed technicians will cover the entire process, from cleanup to helping with the replacement of flooring and drywall.


Get Back to What's Important

There’s nothing easy about these situations, but cleanup is one area you can control, allowing you to focus on more important things in your life.


We work with your insurance, and serve you throughout the process of restoring your property.


Restore your property to like-new condition


We work with your insurance


Helping you get back to what’s important

Compassionate and Experienced Cleaning Professionals

Since 2005 Spaulding Decon has been industry leaders in crime scene cleaning. We provide:


24/7 Service & 2-Hour Guaranteed Response Time


Professional Cleaners Disinfect & Decontaminate


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Discreet, Compassionate Crew


Additional Support Services Available

If you have any questions or need a quote for tear gas or odor removal contact Spaulding Decon Kissimmee today.

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