How Water Restoration Works

From burst pipes to flash flooding, water damage is an unfortunately common occurrence in the greater Atlanta area. At Spaulding Decon Dalton we know how important it is to act fast after water damage occurs. Here is exactly how our water restoration process works....

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What To Look For In A Crime Scene Cleanup Company

The aftermath of a crime scene can contain extremely hazardous materials. The affected area often requires professional cleaning and biohazard remediation. Hiring a professional company, like Spaulding Decon, is important in ensuring the area is safely decontaminated....

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How To Help A Hoarding Loved One

Hoarding is a mental illness that affects millions of Americans. An estimated 1 in 50 people suffer from the disorder. Hoarding can take over someone’s life and recovering from hoarding is a difficult but important process. Hoarders typically over identify with their...

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How To Detect a Former Meth Lab

  When you are purchasing a new home or listing a home for sale in the Dalton-Powder Springs area, it is not always immediately apparent if illicit drug activity or manufacturing has occurred on the property. Not all home drug labs look like the stereotype with...

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How Hoarding Affects a Family

Living with a hoarder can be an extremely difficult situation to find yourself in. A hoarder not only decreases their own quality of life, but the quality of life of everyone around them. A hoarder house can contain serious biohazards as a result of sanitary neglect,...

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Cleaning Blood from Tile Floors in Dalton, Georgia

If there is an accident in your home that results in blood on your surfaces, seek the services of a company that specializes in cleanup and decontamination services like Spaulding Decon of Dalton, Georgia. Blood spills pose major risks to your health and safety, and...

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Tear Gas and its Effects on the Body

When police have to subdue a violent suspect, they are often forced to use less-lethal weapons, such as tear gas, to take them down. Tear gas is a chemical agent that uses many of the same chemicals as pepper spray and mace but affects an entire closed area and...

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How Mold Can Affect Your Body

  Mold is very common in homes in the Southeastern United States. When it is addressed efficiently and not allowed to spread, these mold issues normally do not manifest into a serious infestation. However, this is only if the resident knows what kind of mold they are...

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Hantavirus and its Affect on People

Orthohantavirus, commonly referred to as Hantavirus, is a virus that is spread by rodents and transmitted through contaminated food and water. Hantavirus can lead to a number of other, more serious illnesses if neglected and left untreated. The main source of...

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Why are Rodent Droppings Dangerous?

Rodent infestations are extremely common in the southeastern United States. While the animals themselves are a nuisance, the droppings that they leave behind in your home can carry a variety of different diseases that can be extremely dangerous to your health. In...

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Cleaning After the Police Have Left

There can be a pretty substantial mess left over when the police have entered a home to subdue a suspect. Broken windows and doors, tear gas, and sometimes blood can be left as a result of police entry. When it is as severe as tear gas and blood, you should not...

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Mold Removal from AC Vents and Ducts

Mold in your AC vents and ducts is dangerous to anyone who is in your place of business or home. When the mold is in the vents of your building, the spores spread through all of the property. This means, everyone and everything that comes into your home or business...

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