The need for professional cleanup is rarely expected. Whether you are a resident who has just moved into a home that you suspect may have been used as a drug lab or a property owner with a tenant who is a hoarder, the need for decontamination can often be both an inconvenience and a costly predicament.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, call Spaulding Decon of Cincinnati. We understand that professional cleanup services are not always covered by insurance or affordable out of pocket. Our helpful Cincinnati, Ohio staff offers options to rid you of the problem so you can get back to focusing on what’s important.

Have Your Property Inspected and Tested

The first option is to have Spaulding Decon of Cincinnati inspect the property and assess the severity of the damage and contamination. Our team will also be able to determine what contaminants are at play in order to determine the extent of the cleanup. No matter what kind of biohazard you are dealing with, our expert team will be able to provide an accurate estimate of the necessary cleanup services. To top it all off, we now have financing options available, as well.

Once we know the condition of your property, we can work with your insurance to see if any of our cleanup services are covered by your insurance policy. This way we can determine if we can keep you in your home at a cost that is within your means. Our staff is dedicated to the safety and security of you and your family and will do whatever is necessary to ensure your protection.

Sell Us Your Home

We know what you’re thinking: my home will never sell in this condition. If you list your home on the market and wait for it to sell, that may be true. However, Spaulding Decon of Cincinnati buys homes that have been damaged or contaminated by biohazards, no matter how severe.

We will make you a cash offer on your house, condo, townhome, or mobile home within 24 hours. We cover all closing costs and fees associated with the transaction and will even assist you and your family in moving to a new home. At Spaulding Decon of Cincinnati, we clean up life’s accidents, and want to help you move forward with your life. Our compassionate staff understands the difficulty of your situation and will assist you with every step of the process.

Spaulding Decon of Cincinnati, Ohio

Spaulding Decon was founded in 2005 and has since expanded to numerous locations around the United States. Our dedication to safety and customer satisfaction has earned us awards and accolades, establishing us as experts in the field of biohazard remediation. We provide our cleanup services all over Cincinnati and surrounding areas including Amberly, Mason, Amelia, and Villa Hills. We specialize in all kinds of biohazard remediation like hoarding cleanup, drug lab cleanup, mold removal, water damage restoration, and more. For more information, call our 24-hour call center at (513) 337-5885, or visit our website at