unattended death San FranciscoDiscovering an unattended death is a tragic and traumatic experience. One that you may be understandably uncertain how to handle. It is extremely emotional, and it can be difficult to know what steps to take while processing your grief. Spaulding Decon San Francisco is here to help. Our compassionate team will guide you through this turbulent time with the utmost sensitivity.

Who do I Call?

No one expects to face this incredibly tragic circumstance. When you discover an unattended death, the first thing to do is to notify law enforcement. Officers will handle the initial steps, however, they are not responsible for cleaning up the scene of a death. They may guide you to resources, but the responsibility for clean up is left to the family or the owner of the property.

Can I Clean Myself?

After the initial shock, your first instinct may be to start cleaning, utilizing regular household cleaning products. While we sympathize with the urge to take action, restore the space and a sense of normalcy, we advise against this. Often the extent of what must be cleaned is more widespread than you may realize. An unattended death poses a risk of releasing biological material and harmful bloodborne pathogens that cannot be decontaminated with everyday cleaning agents. Improper decontamination poses a great health risk to you and anyone who resides in the home. The safest course of action is to hire a professional decontamination service, like Spaulding Decon San Francisco, to restore your space. They are highly trained and will give you peace of mind that your home is completely safe during this difficult time.

Spaulding Decon San Francisco Can Help

Should you ever face this tragic experience, Spaulding Decon San Francisco is here to help. Our team is highly professional, compassionate, and will work with care and discretion. We are available 24/7 and will restore your home back to normal. We can also provide you with guidance on working with insurance companies to receive assistance with paying for this expense. Let us take this burden off your plate. Call Spaulding Decon San Francisco today at (925) 790-1777.


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