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If you’re serious about starting a franchise with Spaulding Decon, our discovery process allows us to make sure our business model is a good fit for your team.

We are committed to making sure this venture is successful for both you and Spaulding Decon. This is why we take the time to discuss our business model, learn about your business goals, and get all of your questions answered upfront.

The Discovery Process


Contact us to schedule an initial call to discuss your goals. We’ll discuss your goals and dreams and how a Spaulding Decon franchise can take you into the future.


If there’s a mutual fit, we’ll start the process of reviewing your application to make sure that a Spaulding Decon franchise is the right path for you. Together, we will dive into the details of what we do, how we do it, and the costs and obligations that a franchise entails.


We bring you and your crew to our headquarters in Tampa to experience in-depth training on all of Spaulding Decon’s services. Once you’re ready to handle the cleaning challenges we face, get out there in your market and start growing your business!

Work with the leading nationwide cleaning, decontamination, and restoration service provider

We provide a recession proof model of in-demand, high-profit services so you can make in weeks what other companies make in months. No other cleaning company offers this full-range suite of services, providing:

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Join a $200+ billion dollar industry with your own crime scene cleaning franchise.

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