In our volatile market, it is tough justifying starting a new business. From the market and monetary risks, and the uncertainty a new business brings, it can be a hard decision to go into business, especially if you plan to go it alone. A crime scene cleanup franchise is the recession-proof business you’ve been looking for because it eliminates much of that risk.

For over a decade, Laura Koppel, President, and CEO of Spaulding Decon has been changing lives across America through the crime scene cleanup and decontamination industry and it is time for you to jump on the train. Through her franchising program, you too can be a leader in the industry.

An unfortunate truth of society is that crime happens. A fortunate truth for crime scene cleanup industry workers is that crime happens. The crime scene cleanup industry is constantly changing, making it an ideal business for those who like new challenges every day.

Some of the benefits of crime scene cleanup franchise are multiple revenue streams coming from the emergency cleanup services and other services our competitors do not offer. High profits are often involved which are typically paid by the client’s insurance. Since we are a service that is on demand and reliant on everyday occurrences that continue regardless of the economy, there is always a job.

When you purchase a recession-proof crime scene cleanup franchise from Spaulding Decon, you are joining a well-known company. As a Spaulding Decon franchise, you receive an intensive 10-day training course at our corporate headquarters, setting you up and making sure you are ready to take on the industry. From there you will have access to our proprietary products which have been specially designed for our cleaning services, 24/7 support, a marketing plan, and what’s best? Instant business! Spaulding Decon has many national contracts and contractors and when a franchise opens in their locations, we will pass their names to you which will allow you to hit the ground running!

By opening a Spaulding Decon franchise partner, you’ll be changing lives of those in your community and all the communities you serve, as well as joining a family of other men and women who are doing the same good you are. This recession-proof industry is the right spot for the everyday hero. Becoming a partner means you’ll receive top-notch training in the industry, certifications for cleaning and decontamination and guidance from the President and CEO herself along the way.

We are excited to be expanding continually across the country. Take your passion for helping people to the next level and open a crime scene cleanup franchise today!

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