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Blood cleanup is not a job to be left to untrained amateurs. Blood is not harmless – it can contain viruses and bacteria that can be incredibly harmful to those who come in contact with it, and those pathogens can be spread if not dealt with properly using safety measures and following strict cleaning protocols. For these reasons, it is best to call in a professional blood cleanup company that has the necessary equipment and experience to do the job. That’s where Spaulding Decon comes in.

Since 2005, we have been the crime scene cleanup company that people across the nation have trusted to restore homes and businesses after traumas, accidents, homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths. Our crime scene cleaning expertise includes blood cleanup, which requires specialized tools and high-grade cleaning supplies to remove safely and completely. Our crews not only have those tools and cleaners, but also have the training and experience necessary to handle the job, no matter what the size or scope.

In addition to our blood cleanup experience, Spaulding Decon is the company to choose for blood and crime scene cleanup needs because:

● We are highly respected in the industry, winning awards and accolades for our work

● Our company prides itself on customer service, which is why we offer supplementary help like resources to bring in counselors, assistance with insurance claims, and documentation for court cases

● Our crews are background checked and drug tested in addition to their intensive training, which helps ensure that every person on your job is capable and trustworthy. If you would like more information about our blood cleanup services, contact Spaulding Decon today at 866-993-3266. A member of our team will happily connect you with one of our cleaning crews in your area.

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