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It is a sad fact that in the United States alone more than 48,000 people took their own lives in 2018. This makes suicide one of the leading causes of death in the country.

These situations leave many questions for families to deal with. However, immediately there are practical steps that they need to take. These include cleaning up the home and the location after the suicide.

No one should ever have to face a suicide cleanup, however, for those that do, what help is available? What steps can a professional company help them take? Why not read on to find out more.

Minimalization of Further Trauma

Suicide prevention experts tell us that even the knowledge of a loved one’s suicide is enough to create significant trauma for a person. If possible the person should avoid further pain by allowing a professional clean-up crew to address the home and location of the suicide.

In the aftermath of a suicide, loved ones will need to make many arrangements within a short time. Funeral arrangements, police reports, and medical costs may be amongst these. Delegating the cleaning of the location of the suicide will save you valuable time.

This has more than emotional benefits. Should there be any bodily fluids in the house, anyone who comes into contact with them will need to get medical attention. This will may an already difficult situation unbearable.

Why not consider investing in a professional crew who know how to act compassionately and professionally when cleaning up after a suicide?

Protection of Valuable Items

The suicide may have caused staining on carpets, fabric coverings, or ceilings. There are specific cleaning methods that a crew can employ when carpet cleaning or removing bodily fluids from fabrics.

Family members no doubt want to cherish the memories they have of the person when they were healthy. They want to avoid associating cherished personal effects with the location of the suicide. This means that the more work that the clean-up crew can do, the healthier it will be for the loved ones of the victims.

The removal of these stains will also make it far easier for a person who moves back into a dwelling where suicide has occurred. Attempting to perform this cleaning by themselves will create even deeper memories of the event and further trauma.

Sorting of Personal Effects

Cleaning up after a suicide is a painful process. In fact, a professional cleanup company will provide contact with social services and counselors to assist with the grieving process.

One of the most traumatic moments is making decisions regarding personal items that may have been damaged during the suicide. A professional company will speak with you before the cleanup begins to ascertain your wishes regarding personal items.

Following this, they will then get to work and sort through these things without over-involving you. As previously agreed, any items that can be disposed of will be removed. Other items that may carry sentimental value will remain.

The cleaning-crew will act with complete discretion and respect throughout the entire process. In fact, many will offer to agree to a confidentiality contract during their work.

Personal Protective Equipment for Suicide Cleanup

Each suicide scene is unique. In some cases, the body may have remained in place for a few days. In other cases, the cause of death may have been violent and caused bodily fluids to leak in the room.

Unfortunately, these unpleasant details mean that the room becomes a biohazard and that the cleaning crew will need to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). In reality, anyone who comes into contact with bodily fluid will need to receive medical attention.
The PPE required will include respirators to protect against airborne dangers. It will also include disposable gloves, and goggles. The PPE will need to be sufficient to ensure that any fluids do not come into contact with skin or entry points to the body.

A professional company will already have all of these materials on hand. They will care for this possibly dangerous and upsetting work to save loved ones from further trauma.

Damage to Surrounding Areas

Surface cleaning is relatively simple. The crew will seal off the area and apply strong chemicals that are designed to break down bodily fluids and remove stains.
In an extreme case, or when a body has been lying in place for a long time, body fluids may have leaked into surrounding areas. These could include floorboards or coverings that are not easy to remove.

In this case, it may be necessary to physically detach and remove these from the house. Items such as upholstery, drywall, carpets, and floorboards that have stains related to the suicide will need to be forcibly removed.

You will need to employ a team that has the tools and the strength to be able to do this.

Receive Certification

No one is thinking about certification in the aftermath of a suicide. However, later you may feel that you want further assurance or others may ask you about the safety of your home.

Many companies will provide a certificate of completion of the cleaning work. This will provide proof of the sanitization work. It will give you the confidence that it is safe to use the home again. It is possible that a potential buyer for the property will want to see the certificate before they make the final purchase of the property.

Suicide Cleanup Services and Much More

If you have experienced a trauma in your life and need help to restore a property we are here to help. Whether it is a suicide cleanup or some other sensitive event, we understand the need to get the job done while showing maximum consideration for family members.

If you would like to learn more about the services that we perform, why not contact us? Alternatively, you can look at our blog page to learn more about the situations we can help you with.

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