Tense protests over the unfortunate death of George Floyd and many other police killings of black men have grown from New York to Los Angeles and Tulsa to Seattle, with police vehicles set ablaze. There have also been reports of injuries increasing on all sides after months of the coronavirus lockdowns.  And other reports of police and law enforcement agencies using tear gas against protesters have emerged throughout the US.

Did you know that tear gas is often used by law enforcement professionals and police to apprehend criminals? If you’re dealing with a crime scene clean up on your residential or commercial property, you might be at risk of coming in contact with tear gas.

In the US, what we call “tear gas” is usually CS gas; it is a chemical compound credited to two notable American scientists, Roger Stoughton and Ben Corson, who discovered tear gas in 1928.

Know the Specific Irritant

We use the term tear gas for several irritants, such as:

So, it is crucial to know which gas you are dealing with. And always wear protective gear, a full-face respirator and skin creams in order to protect yourself.

Cleanup Methods

“CS” Tear Gas Cleanup

  • Ventilate the affected area completely, and keep the area as cool as you possibly can. This is because heat will spread the tear gas
  • Vacuum the crystalline residue
  • Clean everything with a cleaner, such as Unsmoke Degrease
  • Thoroughly clean and seal your HVAC system

“CN” Tear Gas Cleanup

  • Ventilate the affected area completely
  • Heat your home or commercial building to 95-105ºF for about four hours
  • Also, you can install an air scrubber with charcoal and carbon filters for added odor adsorption
  • Ventilate the affected area again
  • Thoroughly clean everything (including your HVAC system) with a cleaner, such as Unsmoke Degrease

Hire Professionals for Tear Gas Cleanup

Exposure to tear gas may lead to serious health conditions. This is why it is better to make sure that you leave the crime scene clean up to professionals. If you find yourself in a position to need professional tear gas cleanup– reach out to Spaulding Decon today! We service the entire United States!

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