How to Handle a Suicide on your Property

Coming into the scene of a suicide can be quite traumatic for anyone, especially family members of the deceased. If someone commits suicide on your property or another location, you will need to clean up the biohazard or remains as law enforcement does not do this. ...

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Level 5 Hoarding Explained

The Cause and Remedies of Extreme Hoarding SituationsHoarding is a serious disorder that entails the obsessive accumulation of personal belongings, animals, or trash. The hoarder is overcome by a perceived need to keep excess things. Life-altering consequences like...

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Level 4 Hoarding Explained

  How to know if your Hoarding Situation has reached Level 4  The National Study on Compulsive Disorganization created a scale to help categorize hoarding behavior into 5 stages. This scale helps those in the periphery of the hoarder’s life to step in, recognize...

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Level 3 Hoarding Explained

Hoarding is a complicated condition highlighted by the obsessive and irrational need to keep things like trash and excessive belongings. The National Study on Compulsive Disorganization has developed a scale that defines the levels of hoarding to aid professionals and...

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Level 2 Hoarding Explained

 The Institute of Challenging Disorganization published a Clutter-Hoarding scale that classifies hoarding behavior into five levels. Hoarding is characterized by the irrational need to keep possessions, trash, or animals.  Level 2 Hoarding is the second least severe...

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Level 1 Hoarding Explained

 What is Level 1 Hoarding?Level 1 hoarding is the least severe of the hoarding levels, and it often goes unrecognized by outside observers and the hoarder. The first phase of many Hoarding Disorders can include the following characteristics: Difficulty parting with...

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Getting Help for a Family Member Who Is a Hoarder

 Do you have a family member you believe might be a hoarder? If you suspect that someone in your family could be suffering from hoarder disorder, it is natural to want to help them, and it is what family should do. However, there are right and wrong ways...

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What Causes Compulsive Hoarding?

  Hoarding Affects over 4% of the U.S. Population Compulsive Hoarding is a mental disorder that affects about 4 percent of the U.S. population. Each case of compulsive hoarding is different and can be triggered by various factors. In 2013 the latest DSM...

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Overcoming the Hoarder Mentality

  Overcoming the Hoarder Mentality Most people are familiar with the term hoarding. Whether they read about it online or in a magazine, or they saw the eponymous television show, they understand at least the basics of the issue. Hoarding is a disorder that...

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Steps to Combat Compulsive Hoarding in Your HOA

  When's the last time you thought about your neighbors? Most people don't put much consideration into their neighbors when purchasing a house or condo. The truth is, who you live next to and across from in your building can directly affect your...

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Steps to Dealing With an Animal Hoarding Neighbor

Up to 250,000 animals per year are victims of hoarders. Some of us don't often think about animal hoarding when we consider the various forms of animal neglect, but the truth is, it's a very damaging and cruel practice.Animal hoarding is defined as someone...

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Hoarder Houses – An Issue for the Whole Neighborhood

    While it's believed that one in 50 people suffer from compulsive hoarding, one in every 20 might be impacted by it.If not addressed, a hoarding disorder can have adverse effects on multiple areas of their lives. Even if you aren't personally affected...

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Why MRSA in Athletic Facilities Is a Legal Hazard

MRSA in Athletic Facilities is a Legal HazardMRSA can cause dangerous infections. Did you know that it can also result in costly lawsuits? See why MRSA in athletic facilities is a legal hazard. Did you know that staph infections can lead to 20,000 American...

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MRSA Dangers and Prevention

 Dangers of Exposure and How to Prevent MRSAMRSA is a type of bacteria that has become resistant to antibiotics. Learn about the dangers of MRSA, how to prevent MRSA, and how to avoid legal action. While only 2% of people carry the MRSA virus, it's easy...

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