What Term the Hoarding is?

Term hoarding is basically recognized as the passion and aggression among people to collect the goods regardless on grounds of usefulness or useless. There are a number of people who are involved in hoarding. There are basically many reasons and conditions that compel people towards the hoarding. In recent days, there are many psychological and behavior changing research reports over the people who are found hoarders. In fact, hoarding indicates a psychological condition in which sufferings do not pay attention to others and they do what they want.

What Do Doctors Say about Hoarding?

Hoarding seems very simple and ordinary activity among the people, especially aged persons, but in reality it is a complicated psychological condition. Most of people suffer from hoarding due to their weak psychology and brain strength. People always greed to collect the things and when they become aggressive to do this activity, they come to the circle of hoarding. Doctors consider hoarding a mental condition in which sufferings change their behavior, dealing with people and they also prefer to live alone. Definitely, hoarding can suffer the patients form lasting mental disorders and complications like anxiety, brain depression and severe headache.

Opinions of Psychiatrists for Hoarding:

Psychiatrists always give their different opinions about the behavior and mental condition of the people. They consider hoarding is a psychological disorder that happens when a person starts living alone and he makes himself cut off from society or family. The people do not give attention and time to elders, especially parents who have nothing to do, so they start doing whatsoever they want. Hoarding always appears when a person suffers from mental disorders and extreme love for the goods.

Greed, Hoarding & Psychological Disorder:

No doubt, opinions of psychiatrists are quite rational reasonable and impressive. According to psychologists, the greed is the first thing that motives people to hoard goods. Many people start collecting goods in abundant quantity regardless they need or do not them. It means greed among people causes the hoarding and finally hoarding leads psychological disorder. On the other side, if greed among the people is overcome and treated by some good ways, then there will be minimum possibilities of hoarding in people. So, it means no greed and no hoarding that will be a good way to prevent psychological disorder among people.

What Leads to Hoarding?

There are many ways one may become a hoarder. Basically, most of psychologists agree that anxiety, restlessness and severe depression cause the mood change that will be a reason of hoarding.  Often, hoarding signs begin to appear in early adolescence and it can stay dormant until middle aged. A traumatic life event may occur that causes one to begin to fill the emotional void with items, and in other cases, people hoard due to social isolation and view the items they hoard as their social interaction. Sometimes it is a fear of being poor and hoarding gives them the feeling of security since they have so much, even if it has no real monetary value.

How Can Family Understand the Hoarding Disorder?

To understand why your family member is hoarding, you have to unravel the situation. When did the hoarding begin? Was there a traumatic event in the person’s life? Have they been hoarding since they were young? Was their mother, father, or close relative a hoarder as they grew up? All of these are risk factors that can lead to hoarding.

As a family member, you have to understand that it is not a choice by the symptoms of a disease and is not a simple matter. It is important to understand what hoarding is and how it begins before you begin trying to tackle it. Each case is special, each person unique, and each case of hoarding is defined by the circumstances that foster it.

Symptoms of Hoarding in People:

Similarly, there are many symptoms which you can observe among hoarders. First of all, you can observe them talking less and acting more. Secondly, they always remain busy in many types of activities, even useless things. Thirdly, they become moody and change their behavior according to their mood. Fourthly, they also react aggressively with everyone and desire to live alone. Their focus is always over collection of goods and they avoid sharing their hoarded goods with anyone. Life a hoarder becomes dull, boring and full of anxiety.


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