Droppings from mice are not a difficult task to deal with – should the right equipment be available. Mouse droppings in fabric can be hazardous to one’s health and should be dealt with promptly. Sometimes it is best for to hire a professional to remove the droppings simply to make sure anyone coming in contact with these fabrics in the future remain safe from the bacteria of mouse droppings. Spaulding Decon uses propriety equipment and has highly trained technicians who will get the job done right. Using proprietary equipment and the proper sanitation tools, fabrics can be returned to their original state in no time.

Before removal, it is important that a technician wear proper protective gear including latex, plastic or other gloves made out of a non-permeable, a ventilation mask and goggles. This equipment is important because if the wrong equipment is used or if the right equipment is used improperly, bacteria can enter the air and make you sick if inhaled.

The best the best way to safely clean solid mouse droppings is to use a high efficiency particle arresting vacuum (HEPA). A HEPA vacuum has the highest efficiency filters which will keep the bacterial particles from mouse droppings from entering the air you breathe. Spaulding Decon has access to these vacuums to assure that the air is safe to breathe.

After using a HEPA vacuum to clean up the solid droppings, it is time to tackle the not so easily removed, urine. With any porous material, urine will be difficult to remove since it will be absorbed into the item(s). When urine is present, Spaulding Decon, sends all your fabric to a professional textile cleaning company to ensure the urine is properly removed and the fabric is properly sanitized.

If mouse droppings are tackled without the use of a professional company such as Spaulding Decon, there is a greater risk that the fabrics will still be contaminated with droppings after cleanup. It is always important to find an experienced company who has the right equipment and the right connections to make sure the mouse droppings are properly cleaned from your fabric. Visit Spaulding Decon’s website to see what your best course of action is.


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