Spaulding Decon: Biohazard Cleanup and Remediation Services

Few people ever think they’ll need a biohazard remediation company. When an incident occurs that requires this type of service, it catches you off guard.

That’s where Spaulding Decon comes in. We deal with these messy and often heart-wrenching situations — thoroughly and expeditiously.

Services We Provide

We offer a variety of interrelated cleanup and disinfection services for your home or business. They are as follows.

Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime scene cleanup is the forensic cleanup of blood, bodily fluids, and other biohazardous materials found at a crime scene. Following state and federal protocols, we handle and dispose of biohazardous materials at crime scenes.

Biohazard Cleanups

There are risks at any cleanup site with the potential for biohazards, which could be anywhere. Our fully credentialed biohazard cleaning crews are ready to take it on.

Commercial Biohazard

A professional biohazard cleanup at your business will take care of any concerns about client and employee safety. As we always say, “your business moves quickly, and so do we, promptly getting things back to the way they were.”

Drug Lab

Did you know that one pound of meth produces six pounds of toxic waste? Or that meth labs are combustible, even subject to explosions? No one wants to own or live in a former meth house. That’s where our thorough cleaning comes into the picture.

We offer a meth residue test kit that allows home and business owners to test for drug residue themselves. We deliver those results within a few days.

Mold Remediation

Mold is an airborne fungus that can grow in colonies wherever there’s moisture in your home. There are potential dangers to mold exposure, so you should call us to handle the problem.

Water Damage

If you have flooding in your home, call us.

  • We’ll be there within two hours
  • We’ll dry you out by stopping any mold and water damage
  • We will bill your insurance company directly


It’s our mission to help those affected by hoarding with both cleanup help and personal support. We repair, recover, donate, recycle, disinfect, and discard to the extent needed to restore order for the hoarder and their loved ones.

Rodent Dropping Cleanup

Rats and mice potentially carry hantaviruses, which are life-threatening. If rodents in your home have these germs, you can get sick by breathing—or just touching—rat droppings and urine when they’re stirred up.

Tear Gas Cleanup

Tear gas is sometimes used for crowd control. Its intended effect is causing eyes to tear up. But this substance can cause violent bodily reactions, too. It must be completely removed before the area can be considered safe.

Coronavirus and Other and Decontamination Procedures

Spaulding Decon is licensed and certified in the safe removal of various bacteria and viruses. We assist with situations such as contamination or exposure to infectious diseases.

These include:

We Buy Damaged Houses

No matter what condition your house is in, we’ll buy it from you. It makes no difference to us if it belongs to hoarders or was once a drug lab.

We’re Spaulding Decon: Get to Know Us

Now you know what we do as a biohazard remediation company and how we do it. Please call us the next time you need any kind of biohazard remediation or cleanup service. For our licensed and experienced technicians, every biohazard incident is one that can’t wait. We’ll be there.

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