Unattended Death Cleanup

If you have to deal with the result of an accident, death, drug lab, or hoarding, Spaulding Decon is here to restore your home or property. We quickly get things back to the way they were.


A Crime Scene or Unattended Death Cleanup crew faces a myriad of problems in regard to a human decomposition and unattended deaths.

Decontamination and unattended death cleanup is important following a death of a loved one.  Many elderly people live alone and if a heart attack or a sudden illness occurs, the person can die. With no one checking on the victim, they die undiscovered. This can cause a situation where an unsafe condition can be created through bodily fluids and odor. Depending on how long a body is left undiscovered, the overwhelming odor can even permeate the walls, and all the soft goods in the home.

We at Spaulding Decon realize that the loss of a loved one this way can be very traumatic and we will do everything we can to clean after a loved one with compassion and respect. We hope that our services can help soften the emotional blow that this situation may cause.

Our main goal is to maintain the integrity of the deceased and his or her loved ones. We never reveal crime scene clean up details to the press, and we only release before and after pictures to our clients for insurance purposes. As one of the few highly-trained decomposition crews in the nation, each Spaulding Decon employee has undergone extensive training to deal with potential bio-hazards. The client therefore assumes less risk regarding the situation at hand.

Some advice to remember regarding decomposition and death cleanup:

  • Do not attempt to sanitize the area yourself, as the deceased may carry a blood borne disease. The psychological ramifications of disinfecting a crime scene can also be overwhelming. Unless you are trained to deal with the situation, please do not attempt to do so.
  • Your cleaning products are not sufficient to deal with the after products of decomposition. Spaulding Decon uses only eco-friendly cleansers, and all are extremely effective. To return the area to its former cleanliness, trust the Spaulding team for your decomposition clean up.
  • The odor that results from decomposition is inexplicable. Aerosol sprays will not eradicate it.
  • Spaulding Decon carries the proper licensing to decontaminate, remove body fluids and transport them to the proper disposal site.
  • Spaulding Decon enlists the help of industrial-grade ozone machines to “shock” the air and completely negate odor.

Call a Spaulding Decon Decomposition Specialist 24 hours a day at 866-993-3266 (866-99-DECON)

Spaulding Decon is here to help restore many of life’s toughest cleaning and restoration emergencies, including:


We can assist with many of life’s toughest cleaning and restoration emergencies, including:

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