If you or someone you know suffers from trash hoarding, there is help. Hoarding is a complex problem that requires not only physical help, but mental and emotional help as well. That is why you should call the team at Spaulding Decon – we are sensitive to the needs of those affected by trash hoarding, and we provide expert services to help the situation.

When we are called in to assist with hoarding cleanup, we make sure we take care of the people – not just the property. We help hoarders and their families get the counseling needed during the emotional cleanup and recovery process by providing resources for social workers and psychologists, and we make sure that we work with the hoarder throughout the entire cleanup to make sure they are comfortable with our services the entire time.

Some of the other benefits of working with Spaulding Decon for your trash hoarding cleanup include:

  • Our discretion – We know that privacy is important during this time. We arrive to the home in unmarked uniforms with a discreet vehicle, so we don’t draw attention from the community.
  • Our cleaning expertise – All of our hoarding cleaning crews have undergone extensive training to properly clean up hoarding properties and safely remove any health hazards.
  • Our resources – In addition to connecting hoarders and their families with mental health counseling, we help our customers file insurance claims to get our services covered.

If you are in need of trash hoarding cleanup services, contact the Spaulding Decon team at 866-993-3266. We will happily provide you with more information about our services and connect you with the cleaning crew in your area.

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