Meth lab cleanup costs vary greatly depending upon the State.  Spaulding Decon operates in all 50 States.  There are some states that require equipment and particular testing that others do now and this increases the cost of meth lab cleanups.

Home owners should always pay for preliminary testing prior to getting any decontamination bids.  If a company provides you with a decontamination bid that has never seen your preliminary test results or even required them RUN AWAY fast.  This company cannot possibly give you meth lab cleanup cost without knowing the levels of contamination.

Home owners should always get several bids but investigate the company.  Is the company you are hiring two geriatric people that work around their kitchen table and sub out 100% of the jobs?  Do you want to pay a broker to sub out your job?  Do you know whose actually working on your house?  Always ask the company you are calling if they sub out their jobs.  There is no way the job can be properly monitored if a broker is across the country doing nothing for you.

Ask how many employees the company has?  Are they employees or sub contractors?  All of these questions affect meth lab cleanup costs.  Consultations should always be free.  Make sure the company you are calling is explaining the entire process to you so you can make an educated decision on how to proceed with your home.