Clostridium Difficile, most commonly referred to as C-Diff, is a bacterium that affects the human digestive system and can result in ailments that range from diarrhea to death. Hearing about cases of C-Diff can be scary, but if you know where it comes from and how to avoid contamination then you will be on the safe side. The biohazard remediation team Spaulding Decon of Van Nuys is here to assist you with a C-Diff contamination, or any other dangerous health hazard you might be facing.

How is C-Diff Transmitted?

Because of the nature of C-Diff, it can be transmitted between people in a variety of ways. The most common form of transmission, however, is fecal matter. The C-Diff bacterium from someone infected can remain on surfaces and bedding, and even food and water if the proper prevention methods have been ignored. In addition to this, many individuals who become infected with C-Diff were recently housed in a healthcare facility or had taken antibiotic medication.

What are Some Symptoms of C-Diff?

You can experience a wide variety of different symptoms from C-Diff, ranging from mild to severe. In mild cases, the infected individual will suffer from diarrhea and cramps. More severe cases can include symptoms like nausea, fever, dehydration, and kidney failure. In the most severe of cases, the bacterium can cause failure of the digestive system and death. If you suspect that your upset stomach might be something more than a bad lunch, seek medical attention. When left untreated, C-Diff has the ability to be a fatal illness.

How is C-Diff Decontaminated?

If a room has housed someone with C-Diff, cleaning products that contain bleach can be used effectively to remove the spores from surfaces that have been in contact with the infected person. However, if there is exposed feces or vomit from the infected person, you will need to call a professional biohazard remediation team like Spaulding Decon of Van Nuys, California. The exposed waste must be handled by individuals with the proper knowledge of biohazard safety precautions, protective equipment, and cleaning solutions to ensure that the area has been completely decontaminated.

How Can I Prevent a C-Diff Contamination?

The simplest and effective way to prevent a C-Diff infection is to constantly wash your hands. Your hands can carry the bacteria after you touch a surface that may be contaminated and can infect you when you touch your mouth. You can also take measures to protect yourself if you know that someone is infected, such as having them hospitalized in a private room.

Spaulding Decon of Van Nuys, California

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