clasped hands after unattended death

Discovering someone you know and love who has passed on alone is a sad and probably scary experience for anyone in the Galveston area. Unfortunately, this can happen and the next steps might be confusing. Learn more below from our experts at Spaulding Decon Galveston about who clean up after an unattended death.

Do the Police Cleanup?

Police or other authorities are usually present at the scene of a death. However, once they are done and the body is gone, no further cleaning occurs. That responsibility is left to the homeowner, which understandably can be a confusing next step to consider. While you are potentially filled with stress, grief, and shock you will also have to navigate cleaning up the scene. Luckily, the police will recommend professional decontamination companies like Spaulding Decon Galveston. Simply give us a call and will immediately get started on helping.

Can I Clean Up?

Perhaps your first instinct is to break out the home grade cleaning products, sponges, mops, and vacuums. However, it’s incredibly important to proceed with caution. When a person dies, their body begins the decomposition process almost immediately. Dangerous bacteria are released and pose a health threat to the living. Any clothing, furniture, flooring, and even the air around the scene of death can be contaminated with dangerous bacteria. Additionally, blood can spread life-threatening bloodborne pathogens like HIV or Hepatitis. Household cleaners and methods won’t adequately clean up the scene where a person has died, and you might put yourself at a health risk.

We Are Here to Help

Spaulding Decon Galveston is equipped with a highly trained professional team with high-quality cleaning chemicals and techniques. We will ensure your space is fully restored to a healthy state and won’t pose a health risk to those who will use the space in the future. We understand this can be an incredibly stressful and sad moment in time, and we work with the utmost compassion and empathy. We arrive in discrete uniforms and vehicles. We can even put you in touch with certified grief counselors to continue the healing process. If there comes a time when you need our help, give Spaulding Decon Galveston a call at (713) 300-9960. 


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