biohazard bags with needles

What is a Biohazard?

Essentially, we consider any biological material that poses a health risk for the living as biohazardous. Human blood, certain bodily fluids, or animal waste are a few examples of such. Unfortunately, there are moments in life when you may be at risk for coming into contact with these dangerous materials in Houston – and those moments are usually quite stressful as it is. Whether it is an unattended death, messy accident, crime scene, or injury there are most likely biohazards present. At Spaulding Decon Galveston, we want to stress the necessity in hiring a decontamination professional to keep you safe and stress-free.

Why Should I be Concerned about Biohazards?

Biohazards are a definite concern to the health and well-being of humans. Blood, for example, can carry dangerous pathogens and spread diseases like HIV or Hepatitis B. Blood will damage and pose a danger beyond the visible surface of flooring, furniture, bedding, etc. If you encounter a bloody accident at work or a rental property filled with drug-use needles, do not attempt to clean the blood yourself.

Another example to consider is the scary instance of encountering a dead body. When a person dies, their body releases chemicals that mark the start of decomposition. Again, dangerous bacteria will be present and can even be inhaled via contaminated air. After the right authorities are contacted, it is important for you to leave the area and call a professional biohazard remediation company like Spaulding Decon Galveston. While this event can be traumatic and sad, your safety is our number one priority.

How Do I Clean Up Biohazardous Material in Houston?

Regular cleaning companies or DIY methods are not suitable for the risky cleaning process involved for biohazards. It is crucial to hire a qualified professional for all instances where blood, bodily fluids, animal waste, and such are present. Over the counter cleaning methods will not remove blood-borne pathogens, diseases, and bacteria present in these materials.

Our professional cleanup technicians have the high-quality training, specialized equipment, and discretion necessary to safely and properly clean up biohazardous messes in any space. We arrive in unmarked vehicles and uniforms to ensure your utmost privacy. Give our Spaulding Decon Galveston experts a call at (713) 300-9960 for your Houston biohazard cleaning needs. We are here to help.



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