mold in home walls due to water damageMold is a nuisance that every homeowner encounters in some form or another. It can cause damage to your property, and in some cases, ramifications for your health. Facing mold is practically inevitable, but there are ways to mitigate mold growth. Read on to learn how to prevent mold in your home, and how the experts at Spaulding Decon Galveston can help you remediate a mold problem.

#1 – Combat Moisture

Moisture is the leading factor in creating an environment in which mold can thrive. The most important method of prevention is to reduce moisture. Keep humidity levels in your home low, and use dehumidifiers or air conditioners during the summer months when humidity levels increase. Always attend to water spills quickly and ensure the space is thoroughly dried out if you experience flooding.

#2 – Adequate Ventilation

Areas such as the bathroom are breeding grounds for mold because they provide an opportunity for moisture to accumulate. Always run a fan or keep the door open after taking a shower to ensure that any excess moisture dries quickly.

#3 – Keep It Clean

Diligence in your cleaning tasks will help prevent mold in several ways. The first is simply that it minimizes bacteria living on the surface. It also allows you to locate mold growth in an early stage, and identify the areas that are the most susceptible and keep an eye on them.

#4 – Mold Inhibitors

The next time you are refreshing the paint in your home, consider applying mold resistant paint or a mold inhibiting primer. Designed to be mold resistant, they cannot kill existing mold but will reduce the chance of future mold growth.

#5 – Careful With Carpet

A common issue is mold that grows underneath the carpet. This generally occurs when moisture sits in the carpet, creating the perfect breeding ground. Avoid installing carpet in moisture-prone areas such as the bathroom, laundry room, or basement.

Spaulding Decon Galveston Can Help

If you are experiencing a mold problem that is too extensive for you to manage on your own, call the experts at Spaulding Decon Galveston. We are specially trained in mold remediation and will safely restore your home. Call us today at (713) 300 – 9960.



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