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Since 2005, Spaulding Decon has been providing specialty cleanup services that make a difference. Residents of Galveston, Texas, and all surrounding communities can turn to us when they need a cleanup that necessitates disinfection and decontamination services, such as cleaning up blood or bodily fluids or restoring a home that has water damage. As an award-winning cleanup company, you can count on us for a job well done. We won’t settle for anything less than that.

Here are some of the ways Spaulding Decon differentiates itself from other specialty cleaners in Galveston:


We Offer a Broad Range of Services

Crime scene cleanup, water restoration, hoarding cleanup, odor removal, drug lab cleanup, and mold remediation are just a few of the services we offer to our customers. We are certified for a wide variety of cleanup services, and we most likely can help with the cleanup you require.

Our Forensic Cleaners Hold Industry Licenses for Trauma Cleanup

Every forensic cleaner on the Spaulding Decon team is licensed for trauma cleanup, which means they know of the proper way to dispose of bodily fluids, viruses and bacteria, blood, tear gas, drug residue, and more. They are also drug tested and background checked before being hired onto our team.

We Are Always Discreet and Efficient

We will arrive to your home within two hours of receiving your call and get to work immediately, developing a comprehensive cleanup plan that will take care of the issue. We’ll also be incredibly discreet, arriving in an unmarked van and wearing unidentifiable uniforms.

We Offer Many Different Support Services

When you trust Spaulding Decon with your cleanup, you’re getting much more than just a professional cleanup, but also additional support services. We can coordinate counseling for your family, make arrangements with a funeral home, and even help with the insurance claims process.

Do you need a cleanup at your home in Galveston, TX, or a nearby city? If so, get in touch with Spaulding Decon. We’ll be happy to discuss the cleanup you need, answer your questions, and provide you with a no-obligation estimate.

What We Cover

It is crucial to call in the experts to properly contain, remove, and clean up a biohazard threat situation. Spaulding Decon is a trusted name in the bioremediation industry in Galveston, TX. Our team has the expertise, experience, specialized equipment to handle any biohazard cleanup that you might face. From crime scenes cleanup to hoarding situations, bioremediation is what we do best!

Whether a death occurred, or extreme water damage that leaves a biohazard mess in your home, you may question what your options are besides continuing living there. We offer the option to buy homes from our Galveston, TX customers, even former drug labs, crime scenes, or hoarding situations. Even if you think the condition of your home is beyond the ability to sell, Spaulding Decon pays cash, which means you don’t have to worry about the headache of the traditional real estate transaction. If you no longer want your home after a biohazard accident, give us a call today!


If you find mold in your home, it is imperative to call Spaulding Decon right away to develop a plan of action. Our mold remediation experts take care of your problem and even handle black mold removal. Moisture, which is prevalent in Galveston, is a key component to providing mold a great environment to grow and spread in your home, office, warehouse, etc. Avoid letting the mold spread even more and prevent the health risks caused by mold by addressing the problem now. To learn more about our mold removal cost in Galveston, TX, and processes, click here.


A hoarder’s home can be challenging to clean and it is a delicate situation that requires a compassionate approach compared to other cleanup situations. Hoarding is often correlated with a mental disorder, and hoarders often need time to accept help. Our teams understand that the cleanup process requires a customized plan with compassion, that’s why we offer customized cleanup strategies in combination with professional counseling resources in Galveston, TX. We can help clean up the home to bring it back to its original state. Doing so, we also want to make sure that the individual involved accept and embrace the newfound freedom.

If your home was used as a drug lab location and you are not sure how to clean up a drug house, Spaulding Decon in Galveston can help. We will use our proven process and proprietary cleaning products to guarantee that your property or home is free of any drug or dangerous contamination through our meth lab clean up processes. Prior to beginning, we perform extensive testing to determine the contamination extent, and after we’re done, third-party tests are completed to ensure that the results measure up to our standards. Spaulding Decon also buys former drug lab houses and provides home meth test kits.

Hurricanes are a real threat for residents of Galveston, TX and the storm surges and downpours often cause water damage to homes and commercial properties. Water and excess moisture cause serious problems for your health as well as home, including damage to your belongings and mold growth, among many health risks. Our teams are able to provide exceptionally quick response times to handle all of your water damage restoration needs in Galveston, TX. We act fast to diminish the damage and even help the insurance claim process by providing documentation of the damage and entire cleanup.

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