Removing Black Mold

Mold is very common in moisture-prone areas of homes. Black mold, technically known as Stachybotrys chartarum, is less common than other mold species, but can still grow in any home. If your Austin home has mold, you should immediately hire a professional to remove it. Learn how to check your home for mold and our process to remove it, so you won’t suffer from its negative effects.

Negative Effects of Black Mold

When left untreated, black mold can cause a cough and wheeze in otherwise healthy people. If you have asthma or allergies your symptoms will significantly flare up when around the mold. A 2004 study by the Institute of Medicine found that mold exposure could cause respiratory illnesses in healthy children. Other recent studies have indicated a link between mold exposure and the development of asthma in children.

Long-term mold exposure can lead to anxiety, memory loss, stomach pains, and sensitivity to light. Quickly removing mold from your home is important in maintaining your health.

Checking For Black Mold

Black mold grows in humid, moisture-prone areas of a home. This means that areas like bathrooms and kitchens are most susceptible to black mold. A water leak in your home is likely accompanied by mold. Regularly checking your home for signs of black mold spores is particularly important in humid areas, like Austin. If you find black mold in your home, you should immediately take steps to remove it.

How To Remove Black Mold

If the mold is only on a small section of your home, the Center for Disease Control states that you can attempt to clean it at home with bleach. However, if improperly decontaminated the mold will continue to grow. Hiring a professional cleaning company is the safest way to ensure your home is actually mold-free.

When you hire Spaulding Decon to clean your home we will completely remove all traces of mold. We will properly eliminate the source of the mold, helping to ensure that the toxic mold will not return.

If you are worried about the financial cost of hiring a company to clean your toxic mold, know that oftentimes it is covered by insurance. Spaulding Decon documents the cleanup process and we will aid you in filing a claim with your insurance company to get the costs covered.

Serving the Austin area, the professional mold removal and remediation experts at Spaulding Decon can quickly and respectfully clean your home, making sure that you and your family are safe from the negative effects of black mold.

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