If there is an accident in your home that results in blood on your surfaces, seek the services of a company that specializes in cleanup and decontamination services like Spaulding Decon of Tampa, Florida. Blood spills pose major risks to your health and safety, and could possibly have negative effects on the health of your family.

Why shouldn’t I clean up the blood myself?

The biggest risk posed by a blood spill is the potential of being exposed to blood-borne pathogens, such as HIV and hepatitis. Not only are you at risk, but you are also putting your family at risk of a disease outbreak. Our blood cleanup specialists at Spaulding Decon of Tampa, Florida are extensively trained in biohazard safety, and have all of the necessary protective equipment to get the job done.

Can I clean up blood if I know that it is safe?

If you, or someone who you know is free from blood-borne pathogens (i.e. child, spouse, etc.) has an injury that results in a small blood spill, it is safe to self-clean as long as you have properly assessed the situation and have taken the necessary safety precautions. If you have any doubt about these factors, call the experts at Spaulding Decon of Tampa.

What safety precautions are necessary?

When handling blood of any amount, wear gloves. Even if the blood is from a close friend or family member, never assume that the blood is safe. Never re-use cleaning supplies (i.e. mops, sponges, rags, etc.) that have previously been used in blood cleanup. Blood-borne pathogens can remain on the surfaces and in the fibers of previously-used supplies.

How do I clean the blood?

When cleaning a blood spill, keep in mind that cleaning and sanitation are two different things. Cleaning is the removal of the blood itself, and sanitizing is the process of using disinfectant to ensure that all traces of blood have been eradicated. Another thing to keep in mind is that all surfaces are cleaned differently. Cleaning blood from a hardwood floor is a different process from cleaning carpet or fabric.

The first step in cleaning a blood spill is picking the right disinfectant cleaning product. Contrary to popular belief, bleach should not be used in the removal of blood. Bleach is not an effective agent in biohazard remediation. Use a registered disinfectant that is made for use in biohazard remediation. These can often be purchased from janitorial supply companies.

Using the disinfectant product and water as a solution, remove the blood from the effective area using mops, sponges, brushes, etc. After these products have been used in the process of blood cleanup, make sure they are discarded and never reused.

Spaulding Decon of Tampa, Florida

If you have even the slightest doubt that a blood spill may be too hazardous for self cleaning, call the crime scene cleanup experts at Spaulding Decon of Tampa, Florida. Our specialists will make sure that the biohazard is removed and sanitized quickly and effectively. We provide services all over the Tampa area, including Brandon, Plant City, St. Pete, and Riverview. Give us a call at (813)298-7122, or visit our website at www.SpauldingDecon.com.

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