Are you burdened with unwanted property? We can help.

Property ownership has many benefits, but in some situations, it can become a stressor. If you own or have inherited a property that has been the scene of a biohazardous accident, the task of cleaning, restoring, and disinfecting a property can be overwhelming. You might be staring at this property filled with dangerous materials and want to throw your hands up and walk away from it. It is an understandable feeling, one that we often encounter. 

Perhaps the property was the scene of a loved one’s passing, with so many emotions to deal with and legal obligations to navigate the thought of what to do with the property becomes one more stressful task. 

If you are responsible for a property that is overwhelming you and draining your energy and resources, Spaulding Decon Southwest Florida can help. We are experts in the rapid sale of compromised properties. We can handle every step of the process, and we will ensure that you get a fair price and a quick closing. 

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Save Time and Money with Spaulding Decon’s Real Estate Solutions

Spaulding Decon takes on 95% of the responsibility and 99% of the cost on most’ Walk Away’ offers and has the transaction settled in only 21-30 days! The speed we close deals in means you save money on recurring monthly fees like property taxes, utilities, HOA, and insurance. You also save big on commission and closing fees. 

Skip The Fees and Walk Away with a Fair Offer Quickly


  • 6% + on Commission fees
  • 2.4% + additional Mandatory Closing fees
  • Monthly Property Tax fees
  • Monthly Utility fees 
  •  Monthly HOA association fees
  •  Monthly insurance fees
  •  And much more

We buy hoarding houses for cash!

Cleaning and restoring a house that has been used for hoarding is cumbersome, emotional, and could be too expensive. We understand. We will:


Make you a cash offer within 48 hours


Buy any house, condo, townhome, or mobile home, regardless of condition


Remove the items you wish to keep and even move them to your new home


Pay all closing costs associated


Remove the burden of the house from your life, and get you cash for a fresh new start!

If the only reasonable option seems to be selling off the property, talk to Spaulding Decon today.

We Clean Up Life’s Accidents

We have a plan to get you back to the things that matter.
Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured

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