You might be surprised to learn that when someone dies in your home or business, no matter how gruesome, the police are not responsible for cleaning up the scene. Dealing with death, on top of the aftermath of a body, is both traumatic and stressful for anyone in the Cincinnati area. Whether it’s the unattended death of a loved one in your home, or a deadly crime scene at your place of business, Spaulding Decon Cincinnati is here to guide you through the proper steps of cleaning up after a dead body.

After the Police Leave

The situation will most likely be overwhelming and scary, and you may find it difficult to concentrate on all of the important steps. But it’s important to remember to always call the appropriate law agencies when you discover a dead body.

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Once the police remove the body and are finished investigating the scene, they will recommend that you call a decontamination company, such as Spaulding Decon Cincinnati. At this point, the police are done and the responsibility is up to you to ensure that the space is cleaned up.

Hire A Professional

You may want to begin cleaning the scene yourself, but without the proper equipment this task is incredibly dangerous to your health and the health of those around you. A body quickly begins the decomposition process, and bacteria, which can make the living sick, will also quickly surround the area. Beyond this natural process, deceased individuals carry potentially contagious bloodborne pathogens and diseases like HIV and Hepatitis.

dead body clean up Cincinnati A dead body, blood, and other biological material are considered extremely biohazardous and require proper, professional handling. If dealt with incorrectly, residue from a dead body can cause persistent odor issues, pest problems, and even health complications for inhabitants.

Let Us Help

In this traumatic, scary, time, you can count on Spaulding Decon Cincinnati to quickly restore your space to its original state. Our team is highly trained in the cleanup of biohazards. We will arrive promptly in a discreet vehicle and will treat your situation with the upmost sensitivity. Insurance often covers this service, and we provide additional support services such as grief counseling. You are not alone! Contact us today. We are here to help.