biohazard fridge cincinnati


1. Sewage Flooding

Humans have gotten very good at keeping sewage separate from our everyday lives. The second we flush our toilets, excrement and other bodily fluids simply disappear! It’s a great system, until it fails.

Major sewer system backups and septic system disasters are more common than you think. Fortunately, these messes can be cleaned by a local biohazard professional, like Spaulding Decon Cincinnati.

Sewage disasters are biohazard cleanups because exposure to them can make you sick, and residual contamination they create causes long-term odor and pest problems. Spaulding Decon Cincinnati is fully equipped to safely and thoroughly clean up your property in the wake of a sewage issue, large or small!

2. Broken Freezers

At Spaulding Decon Cincinnati, we sometimes get the unusual job of cleaning up spoilage from freezers and refrigerators that are disabled or broken. Often, this is part of a larger cleanup in a home that has fallen into disarray due to severe hoarding, unattended death, or property abandonment.

As perishable food in a fridge or freezer starts to rot, it causes a cascade of issues. Hard to remove odors will set in and pests will be attracted to the smell. Rodents will leave behind their droppings, and those droppings can make humans sick.

It’s not a pretty sight, but our company has the biohazard cleaning skills to get the job done right. Know that we can restore your property to its previous condition.

3. Biohazard in a Car

Bloodborne pathogens and odors are two things to worry about after a biohazard incident occurs in a car. (Not to mention decreased resale value!) Unfortunately, the car is one of the trickiest spaces to fully clean after a blood spill or other biohazard occurs.

But wait, how does a car even become a biohazard scene? Well, cars are sometimes used to take a passenger to the hospital, and if that person is experiencing a severe illness or bloody injury, the car itself can quickly become a biohazard. If a person takes their own life in a parked car, this can result in blood spillage and decomposition.

Rest assured that Spaulding Decon Cincinnati knows where to look within your vehicle to make sure that every bit of a biohazard is cleaned. We will scour the entire interior, down to the last vent, to make sure that we clean every bit of fluid and tissue that might have resulted from the biohazard incident.

If you’re in need of a biohazard cleanup, please call Spaulding Decon Cincinnati for assistance: (513) 337-5885