water damage remediation CincinnatiAt Spaulding Decon Cincinnati, we’ve seen a lot of water damage issues. What have we learned? Well, water damage should always be treated as an emergent situation. If you notice water damage, act with a sense of urgency to save yourself time, money, and a million headaches!

Keep reading to learn how Cincinnati homeowners like you can act quickly before water damage gets out of hand.

The Fast Pace Of Water Damage

If a pipe bursts in your home or building, things move very quickly. Water will spread, as water does, and it will permanently stain anything in its path. Depending on the path of the water that can include furniture, textiles, books, records, wall decorations, and carpets.

Creeping Effects Of Water Damage

Overtime, if water damage isn’t fully dealt with mold can set in. Mold can cause odors, inflame allergies, and generally make a home unsafe and unpleasant for its inhabitants.

In some cases, the structural integrity of the home is compromised by wood that is warping or splitting due to residual water damage.

Fixing old water damage is more costly than taking care of it right away. This is because the secondary effects of water damage, like mold and structural instability, create additional costs.

How We Remediate Water Damage

After the source of the water has been identified and the water flow has been stopped, drying out is the order of the day: it’s the key to preventing secondary water damage!

If standing water is present due to flooding, the water is removed using special water remediation equipment. Next, professional dehumidifiers and drying tools are used to dry out the structure of the home while controlling the humidity level in the air to prevent structural damage to the home.

Spaulding Decon Cincinnati

Spaulding Decon Cincinnati is standing by to help you urgently address any flooding or water damage issue in your home or on your property. We help families and property managers in greater Cincinnati deal with water damage quickly and thoroughly! We proudly serve greater Cincinnati, Southern Ohio, and Northern Kentucky.

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