meth cleanup spaulding deconIf your San Francisco home was once used to create meth, the lingering effects can be invisible and dangerous to your well-being. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine your home’s dark history, but illegal drug production in family homes is more common than you may think. It’s incredibly important to properly dispose and clean up where illegal drug labs once existed, which is where our experts at Spaulding Decon San Francisco are here to help.

Leftover Materials

First off, the act of creating illegal drugs is incredibly dangerous. Highly toxic chemicals and hazardous materials are used in meth production. In fact, fires and explosions in drug labs are not unheard of due to the severe danger of the chemicals they turn to. You can’t simply throw away these materials in your weekly garbage run or local garbage dump facility, either. They are considered biohazardous and should not be handled without proper protection and training. This is one of the main reasons it’s so important to hire a professional decontamination company like Spaulding Decon when attempting to clean up a former drug lab.

Invisible Residue

Perhaps one of the greatest dangers of meth use and production is the invisible residue left behind. Even if you deep clean the area with household cleaners and vacuums, the space may look clean but stubborn residue remains. If meth is only smoked in your home, traces are left behind on walls, carpets, etc. Symptoms of meth exposure include dizziness, respiratory issues, and even neurological issues. The only way to truly know is by testing your space for these toxins. We not only test for the presence of meth residue, but we also clean up using professional grade cleaners and systems for a clean bill of health.

Let Us Help

Living in a former drug lab that’s not properly decontaminated can have severe, and even fatal, effects to your health. If you suspect your home was once used for drug production, contact Spaulding Decon San Francisco today. We are here to help.

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