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For most people, biohazards are not a common occurrence in their daily lives. We know they are bad, but beyond that our knowledge may be limited. There are many myths about biohazards that have circulated and it can be difficult to determine fact from fiction. Today we are going to set the record straight and debunk three common biohazard myths.

#1 – Bleach Can Clean Up Biohazards

Bleach is a household chemical that is known for effectively killing germs. While this claim is true, it is important to know that bleach does not kill all pathogens. Its effectiveness ranges on certain forms of bacteria based on the type of bleach used and its concentration. It is also a highly reactive chemical and reacts with whatever it comes in contact with first. If it happens to be dirt, that may neutralize its effectiveness for killing the bacteria.

#2 – Dry Blood Is Safe From Bloodborne Pathogens

A common myth is if blood is dry, you are not at risk for bloodborne pathogen exposure. While it is true that viruses cannot live for extended periods of time outside of the body that does not mean they can’t survive at all. Hepatitis C can survive for up to 4 days in dried blood, HIV for 6 days and Hepatitis B for up to a week.

#3 – If The Person Was Healthy There Is No Risk of Contamination

Theoretically, this is true. If the person does not carry any bloodborne pathogens, cleaning up their blood would not put you at risk. However, it is impossible to know for sure unless you test the blood first. A seemingly healthy individual could be carrying a harmful virus and show no symptoms at all. That is why the universal precaution is to treat all blood as contaminated.

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If there is a biohazard situation in your home or office don’t leave it up to chance. We are experts in biohazard remediation and will ensure that any biohazard is properly decontaminated. Our team is professional, discreet, and available 24/7. Let us restore your space and get you back to normal. Call us today at (925) 790 – 1777.


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