Hotel Disinfection Procedures for Bed Bugs

Our Commercial Decontamination process for Hotels is among the only processes approved by the American Hotel and Lodging Association. We partner with many properties in the hospitality industry to decrease the risk of bed bug transmission.

My Hotel Has Bed Bugs: Commercial Decontamination and Pest Control

What do you do if a hotel you own has bed bugs? In 1777, it was suggested that the cracks in a bed be filled with gunpowder and the whole thing should be set on fire. That’s not effective in today’s world.  Don’t panic. It happens to the best of hotels at one point. As an owner or manager, it can seem confusing and frightening to face an emergency with a pest like this one.

Not only will news of bed bugs in your establishment tarnish your reputation, but bed bugs themselves are also resilient and an infestation is hard to stop.  Pest control and decontamination services will help. Some bed bugs are resistant to traditional treatments which is why we approach the situation with the best extermination solutions available. 


What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Bed bugs like to hang out in beds because humans are their food source.

You won’t be able to see their eggs, but the adults are brownish. While they don’t have any of the colorations of a ladybug, they are about the same size except they’re flat. Bed bugs are nocturnal, so they mostly feed at night. Their only food source is blood, so they hang out in the nooks and crannies of beds. It’s convenient that people sleep next to their home when they’re up at night looking for a meal. They can also be found in other things like curtains and furniture.

That’s why thorough pest control and decontamination services like Spaulding Decon need to come to your hotel. We’ll eliminate the entire problem, so your business is free of its bed bug infestation.  

How Did My Hotel Get Bed Bugs?


Traveling customers will inevitably bring bed bugs into your establishment. 

Any time during day-to-day activities or while your customers are traveling, they can encounter bed bugs. It only takes one unknowing person who picked up a few stray bugs from a movie theatre to start an infestation that impacts future customers and your business. They’re called bed bugs because most of the infestations start in the mattress or the box spring. The faster you catch an infestation, the better the results will be for more permanent fixtures like baseboards, carpeting, and electronics.  

If you’re not vacuuming thoroughly between customers, it’s possible that an infestation was able to take root. That isn’t to say that keeping things clean will help you avoid an infestation as they can happen anywhere regardless of if it’s clean or filthy.  

All linens, including the comforter, need to be washed in hot water for at least 30 minutes followed by a 30-minute dry on high heat after every customer. You should place a bug-proof mattress cover as the bottom layer on all your bed dressings. If a guest makes a complaint about a bug bite or a bug in their room, you need to do a thorough inspection for bed bugs. Whenever a bed bug is spotted, it needs to be addressed immediately as the problem will not go away on its own. 

Every crevice that would fit the thin side of a credit card into it is a spot where bed bugs can thrive. Periodic and thorough inspections of all the possible hiding spots in your hotel – both in the front and the back of the house – are vital.  

You’ll have to look under every cushion, every lamp, and even the bed frame joints when you regularly inspect the rooms.  

Get things physically reordered and restored by trusting Spaulding Decon.

How Do You Clean Up a Hotel with Bed Bugs? 

When a hotel needs commercial decontamination and pest control, two things will happen. Rooms will need to be prepped for decontamination by a cleaning crew and then decontamination professionals will come in and exterminate the bed bugs.  

The cleaning process before a bed bug exterminator comes in is: 

  • All storage areas need to be emptied, like shelves, dressers, drawers, and closets.  
  • Anything that can be vacuumed will be vacuumed. 
  • All clothes, rugs, and other washables will undergo a thorough hot wash and dry.  
  • Every item that’s packed up for saving needs to be inspected carefully. 
  • All the visible bed bugs and eggs will be killed. 
  • Furniture will need to be moved. 
  • All linen carts and linen facilities will need to be thoroughly inspected.

In situations that weren’t caught early in your hotel, we also provide: 

  • Disposal of all contaminated furniture. 
  • Carpet removal. 

Spaulding Decon Will Help with Bed Bug Treatments


You have an obligation to your customer to keep them happy and healthy, so eliminating bed bugs is a top priority for you. We understand how pressing and upsetting this situation is and we’re here to help you come up with a comprehensive solution.  


We will make sure that: 

  • A thorough hotel inspection takes place so a game plan can be put together. 
  • With your guidance, your belongings will be organized and properly stowed for treatment. 
  • Different treatment methods will be used to make sure every bug is gone.  
  • A follow-up inspection will take place to make sure the problem is gone.

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