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At Spaulding Decon, we understand that hoarding can be embarrassing, but we are here to help you, not to judge you. We are the best company to call for a compassionate cleaning service for hoarding problems. 

There is help available for families of hoarders – if you have a loved one who is affected by hoarding, Spaulding Decon is here for you. With our caring team on your side, you will be able to rest assured knowing that we can properly clean out the hoarder’s property, and well as connect you with the resources you need to help your loved one recover.

Since 2005, Spaulding Decon has helped with countless hoarding situations across the country. We understand that hoarding affects everyone: the hoarder, their family and friends, and their community. That is why we take great care whenever we are called in to assist with a hoarding cleanup to make sure we help everyone involved, making sure that throughout the process, everyone is safe and comfortable.

When we are called in by a hoarder’s family, we will:

Provide the whole family with resources for counseling and psychologists that specialize in helping hoarders and their families through the process
Assist with filing insurance claims to help cover the costs of our hoarding cleanup services as well as the costs to repair the damage caused by the hoarding
Carefully and thoroughly clean the hoarding property, safely removing the common biohazards we see in hoarding situations, such as animal feces and carcasses, dust, mold, and mildew, among other biohazards we are certified to remove
Sort through all of the hoarded items removed from the home, where we will then discard unsalvageable items and move salvageable items into a storage facility, donate them to charity, or send them to one of our recommended auction services
Conduct a deep cleaning of the home once all of the hoarded items have been removed, restoring the property to a safe environment for living in.
If you want the help for families of hoarders that Spaulding Decon provides, call us today at 866-993-3266. A member of our team will gladly provide you with more detailed information about our services, and connect you with the hoarding cleanup crew nearest you.

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