Are you ready to become a leader in the crime scene cleanup industry? Ready to expand a nationwide, well known, well-trusted brand? Are you determined to make a difference in the lives and homes of people around you while still turning a good profit for you and your family? If you’re ready to be a successful entrepreneur who owns a thriving business with all the benefits from their franchisor? Then Spaulding Decon has an opportunity for you.

When you become the owner of a Spaulding Decon franchise, you become the owner of a trusted brand of crime scene cleanup specialists. Right off the bat, the President and CEO, Laura Spaulding-Koppel, is hands on. As a new franchise owner, she comes in with her franchise development team and beings to change your life. You will get hands-on training from the experts and will learn and earn the certifications you need to be a crime scene cleanup franchise owner.

When you partner with Spaulding Decon as a franchisee, you have access to a flock of backup and support:

  • You’ll instantly have business. As a Spaulding Decon franchise, you will open with clientele, why? Because Spaulding Decon has a variety of national contracts and will let them know they now have SD service in their area, instantly giving you your first clients!
  • You also receive the backing and support of a national brand. Spaulding Decon is hands-on with their franchises and offers 24/7 call center support for whenever they need it. You will never be alone in the business as a franchisee of Spaulding Decon.
  • You receive intensive training. You’ll start with a seven-day cleanup training course at Spaulding Decon’s corporate headquarters, followed by at least a week at your franchise location making you ready to open.

The training you receive as a Spaulding Decon franchise is uncanny. A franchise of Spaulding Decon will be part of a community of franchises that offers meth-lab cleanup, and SD is the only company in the world who franchises it. You will receive blood-borne pathogen training – which is needed for almost every cleanup job. Hoarding or “pack rat” cleaning training is part of the deal and so much more. By the time your franchise opens you and your team will be trained and certified to handle a variety of cleanup and remediation jobs, making you stand out in the business.

Since Spaulding Decon’s birth in 2005, each year they’ve experienced 50 percent growth each year, as a franchise you have that same opportunity. With a Spaulding Decon franchise, you are also getting the opportunity to help those in your community. Crime can be devastating to a family. The services you offer help those families heal and with the ability to open anywhere in the country, you will be able to help you have the ability to be helping your own friends and neighbors while making a difference in the community you love.


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