Are you looking to start your own business, but worried about all the work that comes with running a brand-new company? Or maybe you don’t want to be a startup that gets taken over by big brand companies and copycat ideas? Or maybe you’ve got the drive and ambition but are worried about the volatility of our stock market and don’t want to lose your investment in a recession. If this sounds like you then we’ve found a unique business for you – a Spaulding Decon Franchise!

Since 2005, Spaulding Decon has been offering decontamination services to the citizens of America and now you can too. The President and CEO of Spaulding Decon began franchising her ingenious crime scene cleanup business model so that you too can be as successful as she is.

The difference with Spaulding Decon is that you are buying into a $346 million-dollar industry, which offers a ton of room for growth and opportunity in the market. There will always be a crime, and therefore always a need to clean it up. When you open a Spaulding Decon franchise you are opening a business with a name law enforcement knows and trusts, which off the bat gives you an upper hand in the niche market.

Spaulding Decon is the only company worldwide who franchises meth lab cleanup. In addition, the franchises are trained for hoarding, or “pack rat” cleanup, unattended death cleanup, mold removal and remediation, and much much more. By the time you open for business, you are trained to be the best in the business and open yourself to a variety of benefits:

  • A variety of clientele. Spaulding Decon has offered cleanup services to all types of customers, from residential to commercial properties, business owners, and even major law enforcement companies.
  • The work is recession proof. With crime comes crime cleanup, regardless of market fluctuation, political unrest or natural disaster, your services at Spaulding Decon will always be required by the masses.
  • Spaulding Decon offers a proprietary service in a niche market, with that comes contracts. Since many parts of the business are regulated, Spaulding Decon has national contracts which you, as a franchisee, are now a part of, giving you work right off the bat.
  • You have the support of a huge company. When you open a franchise, you are backed by Laura Spaulding-Koppel, President, and CEO of Spaulding Decon. She and her franchise development team train you before opening and offer 24-hour franchise support.

If you are looking to be a successful business owner, you have come to the right place. A Spaulding Decon franchise is a unique business offering you an opportunity like no other. Not only will you be bettering yourself, you will be better your community that you know and love. Does this sound like an experience you’d love to take on? Then visit the website to learn more.

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