When it comes to owning a decontamination franchise, there are many options out there, many names you may hear, but which do you choose? What qualifies a franchise as the best? Should you base it on the number of franchises? Or rather the quality of service the franchise offers? Maybe it’s that the franchise owner is more hands on? Or maybe the fact that they are hands off is what sells you? Let’s take a look at two of the biggest names in the decontamination industry, Serv Pro, and Spaulding Decon.

Serv Pro was founded in 1967, for almost 50 years they have been “helping the entrepreneurs succeed,” according to their website. Which off the bat tells us that their focus is on the franchise, not the customer. While Spaulding Decon was founded in 2005, it has been a leader in the decontamination business for over 10 years and its focus is on helping the franchise succeed in order to provide the best possible service or the customer.

Both Serv Pro and Spaulding Decon are decontamination companies, offering different services from water damage to fire damage remediation and as a franchise owner, you’d be offering these services as well, but what sets them apart? Well, Serv Pro only gives 90K population in their territory and we provide 500k. With that, many Serv Pro franchise locations have been sold, making them a larger business, but that also means less territory for you. Spaulding Decon has many territories available across the US and this gives you an even bigger opportunity to grow and make a profit.

When you open a Spaulding Decon franchise, you receive training from the CEO herself, she travels to each franchise to make sure that they know exactly what you are doing, and you and that your team receives the proper training and certifications need for the services you will offer. Spaulding Decon also offers a wider range of services, while they both offer flood, and mold remediation services for homes and businesses, that is where Serv Pro stops. Spaulding Decon offers those, plus, drug lab, crime scene, and death cleanup, not to mention countless other services, and this really gives them an edge in the business. Not to mention, these services are even offered for your car! These services put your business further into the decontamination niche, making what your business more proprietary.

Serv Pro’s concept is based on their brand; their system; and their training and support and promotes building a business to “fit your personal goals and lifestyle” according to their site. On the other end, Spaulding Decon offers a franchise like no other. While Serv Pro speaks abstractly about what their franchise offers, it does not offer specifics as to how to start it, what they actually do as a franchise, and the work, money and time it takes to get it started. In contrast, Spaulding Decon is upfront about the costs, the time, and the work it will take to open a Spaulding Decon franchise, while assuring the franchise that the reward is, by far, worth the undertaking.

While both offer an opportunity to run a business on your own without being alone (letting you know you have the backing of the franchise) it is clear that Spaulding Decon offers a more comprehensive franchising opportunity. With more clientele, 24/7 franchisee support, and their startup on the job training by the CEO herself, in this cleanup and decontamination business, Spaulding Decon offers the best franchising opportunity.

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