If you are an entrepreneur, a restoration franchise opportunity is a great way to enter the cleaning and remediation market, but starting a business is a big decision. Consider all your options first. At Spaulding Decon, we offer an attractive franchise package for those interested in specializing their company’s services.  

What Is a Restoration Franchise?

Restoration companies repair damage to structures caused by water and fire, and they prevent further deterioration. They battle mold, rot, and decay and often work alongside other contractors. Most leads come from property insurance claims, but some operators might successfully generate business from direct contact with customers.

A franchise is the fastest way to get started in this industry, but there are times when competitors crowd the local region. Small territory sizes and high startup costs make it difficult to begin, and these complications slow growth.


Spaulding Decon also restores properties, but our focus is a little different. In addition to essential cleaning services, we specialize in treating areas impacted by crimes, traumatic injuries, or unattended deaths.  

Our diverse approach puts you to work solving a greater variety of problems:

  • Biohazards – Cleaning and disinfecting after a homicide, suicide, accident, or unattended death.  
  • Crime and Trauma Scenes – Restore a property and clean after investigations by police.
  • Drug and Meth Labs – Decontaminate homes from meth labs, grow houses, and illegal substances.
  • Mold Remediation – Mitigate further loss and remediate mold in homes and buildings.
  • Hoarding Support and Clean Up – De-clutter and organize for a client suffering from hoarding.

We also offer some of the largest territories of any cleaning or restoration franchise and provide you with leads from our network of established service agreements. Get working right away and earn back your initial investment faster.


Our franchise package also includes support for your company. We offer our franchisees 24/7 support.  Our 24-hour call center will assist in making your appointments and fielding all the calls.  We want you to get your business moving forward.

Are you ready to get started? Send us a short message. Discover how easy it is to open a profitable Spaulding Decon franchise.

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