You’ve made the decision to be your own boss, now what? Do you start a business from scratch, buy an existing business or buy a franchise?

You’ll pay an initial franchise fee and ongoing royalties, but your franchisor can assist in the cost of business expenses, oftentimes making it a cheaper option in the long run.

Here are 5 incredible reasons to consider buying a Spaulding Decon franchise today:
1. A Franchise Will Have Name Recognition

The Spaulding Decon franchise name will carry goodwill at a consumer level and you as an owner can benefit from that. We have spent years building a recognizable name.

Strong name recognition means that a concept has already established a solid foundation among consumers. Most people prefer to brands that they trust. Concepts that become franchise chains can achieve a heightened level of brand recognition at a much faster rate.

Franchises could build on the momentum that comes with expansion, and appear on podcasts, radio shows, social media and TV. That exposure is ultimately what drives a brand forward.

You’ll also experience a faster return on your investment thanks to the brand, support of an experienced team, and established business model.

2. Franchises Generally Carry Lower Risks

Depending on how comfortable you are with risk, franchises tend to be a safer risk. For risk-averse entrepreneurs, franchise can be the safer bet for return on investment due to established support systems and a proven business model.

Spaulding Decon is a recession-proof franchise, so it is highly risk averse as long as you follow the proven models.

3. There is Amazing Cost-Benefit When You Decide to Go With a Franchise
Some may think that franchises are more expensive, but is it? Many startup business owners don’t have the capital to do research that gets results. They have an idea and fumble along until they make it, often making costly mistakes.

Franchises can be less expensive to open. Franchises have been through the pain and cost of a startup, they know what works and what doesn’t.

A franchise can also help with:
Overbuying/ underbuying inventory
Most businesses don’t have a clue how to control these costs and can come up short or overbuy something that isn’t going to sell. A franchise can help the owner dial in how much and when they should be purchasing items. We are also able to help you acquire these items at lower costs.
What kind of equipment to buy or lease, insurance, bonding, and zoning
This can apply to any required licenses, zoning permits, and other costly items. Franchises have been there done that and can help anticipate for these items.
You have a price advantage to buying in bulk
Many franchises have partnerships with groups to help you keep your prices down, remember you have more buying power as a group than as an individual. The margins in your product can make or break any business have the ability to buy as a group can widen that margin.

Marketing, what does and doesn’t work
This is the one thing businesses never account for in their first year. I’ve seen new owners open a shop and think that was enough, and struggle to drive people to their business, assuming the general public knows what is going on in their shop or that it is there at all. At Spaulding Decon, we have a proven marketing plan to build you up for success from day one.
Pre-designed logos, ads, and branding
Unless you have a background in design or marketing odds are you don’t know how your business demographic will respond to your business. What do they think about when they see your logo, the name of your business, or your vehicle wraps, etc? Humans tend to move towards being validated in what they are doing, so we can avoid criticism of our product.

Agreements with large vendors
We have franchisees that we work with that have agreements with large accounts to get their business. Once again giving you the advantage as a franchise owner to beat a small business owner when getting the job. The job has already been negotiated at a discounted rate and many times a startup just can’t meet or beat and stay in business.

A handbook to a proven model
Once you have paid your franchise fee, we will provide you with a structured plan to get everything in order for you to get started. From training you, setting an open date to finding a territory that your demographic will be located in.

Sometimes getting a business loan can be easier for a franchise than startup. Having money to fund your project is a big deal. Franchises are proven, have a system and a strong plan, banks are more likely to lend for this instead of a startup with no real direction or proven concept.

4. Support
By purchasing a Spaulding Decon franchise, you can go into business with a strong system that is there to help you not only launch but be successful.
Training- initial and ongoing
What you can expect from initial support from Spaulding Decon will consist of an initial training over 7 days, as well as weekly assistance while you get established. We also have the added bonus of a built-in business coach, ongoing training access, and an annual convention.

Being a business owner can be lonely, have others to talk to that own the same business can be very supportive. You can find these networks with a startup but the problems you can run into is they aren’t a related business, or if related they view you as competition and don’t want to support you making it.

With a franchise, they can’t do business in your territory and you working as a support system only strengthens the brand.

Marketing support
Like stated above marketing is crucial especially in the first year for any business. Figuring out what works and what doesn’t will be built into the cost of your business.

We already have proven models in place and assist you in managing all of the marketing locally and handle all national brand awareness. We also have the data to know what ad sells and what doesn’t for your demographic, therefore saving in advertising.

5. Franchises Have Great Resale Value
One of the biggest frustrations people experience when researching small businesses for sale was how bad at bookkeeping most of the owners were. I often saw accounting written in pencil, many items and income not disclosed and inventory systems that were from 30 years ago.

With Spaulding Decon, we have an established path for owners to follow and have a CRM and accounting systems to help aid in success.

A franchise can command a higher price than an independent business. Franchises come with a proven method, support, and consistency. The existing franchise already has a history and cash flow from day one.

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