We are going through challenging times. The leading cause of our shared worries and anxiety is directly proportional to the uncertainties, such as economic uncertainty, we face as the international pandemic of coronavirus continues.

Are you looking to be a franchisee? If you are looking for a great opportunity with low upfront costs, the type of franchise can make a huge difference. If you are exploring the different kinds of franchise opportunities in the country, read on to understand why a commercial cleaning franchise may check all the boxes during this pandemic.

Franchisees in the commercial cleaning sector are thriving during the coronavirus crisis as public health officials warn the public about the importance of disinfecting and cleaning both living and working spaces.

Note that a service-based business, such as a professional cleaning service, offers franchisees numerous advantages. For example, franchisees are thriving in this uncertain economic climate as they can run a commercial cleaning franchise from the convenience of their home.Disinfection and cleaning-img

Veteran Discounts and Affordability

A commercial cleaning franchise, such as Spaulding Decon, can cost significantly less compared to other kinds of small businesses that are vulnerable to recession. Among many commercial and janitorial cleaning services, Spaulding Decon’s franchise model might be one of the most economical for you.

Many franchises are offering discounts to military veterans, making them an ideal choice for military heroes transitioning to civilian life.

Mentorship and Training

This is another reason franchisees are thriving during this global pandemic. Most franchises train and guide their franchisees through the standard process, certifying them in their proprietary system.

Business Outlook and Consumer Confidence

Although the COVID-19 crisis has affected every sector of the US economy, a recent survey done by a major franchise group revealed some interesting results on franchisee activity, especially in the near future.

According to the Buyer Sentiment Survey by Franchise Insights’, over 54 percent of participants believe that “now is a good time” to start a business with 59 percent of respondents intending to start their business within the next 3 months. A majority of respondents (about 39 percent) think that business conditions in the country will improve in the next three months.

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